Trucker Ghost Story Project
My name is Annie Wilder and I'm the author of two true ghost story books, House of Spirits and Whispers and Spirits Out of Time. For three summers, starting when I was thirteen, I answered the phone and typed invoices at a sand plant that my dad managed in Woodbury, Minnesota. I talked to the drivers as they waited for their trucks to get loaded with silica sand or flour, and I heard a lot of interesting stories. That’s what gave me the idea for this book.

I’m looking for true ghost stories, weird experiences, and legends of the road from truck drivers or those closely connected to the trucker world (married to a truck driver, work at a truck stop or diesel repair shop, etc.).

If your story is selected for the project:

…You’ll receive a stipend of $25.00 and a copy of the book.

…You may use your real name, a pen name, or no name in the book, but I’d like to include a brief biography for each contributor, such as how long they’ve been driving or working in the industry, and what region of the country they live in.

...We are also in the preliminary stages of setting up a television production. Stories used in the TV show would be very well-compensated. (But you don't have to be willing to be on film to be included in the book.)

…It is likely that the book will also be made into an audio book.

…If you’d prefer to tell your story (rather then write it) please email your phone number and a good time to reach you and I’ll give you a call.

Annie Wilder

Send stories or questions to: