Annie Wilder Interview with Nick Digilio /WGN Radio Chicago

Nick Digilio/WGN Radio

Since our move to Red Wing in December, along with unpacking boxes and catching my breath, I’ve been working on getting back into a creative/magical flow that has been very scarce these past few years. 

One of the things I’m doing is to take some time each day to dream and to visualize goals and happy new experiences as though they’ve already happened. (I’m fueling this endeavor with better self-care, like getting enough sleep, exercising (finally!) etc.) 

I thought I would have news to share in late January, but it seems that it will be later, maybe late March or early April. I’ll keep you posted.

But, I am happy to say that the positive energy and intention work is starting to have an effect ~ in the past few weeks, I’ve been contacted by a television production company and a podcast producer, both of whom are interested in using stories from TRUCKER GHOST STORIES for their shows. 

I was also invited by Tom Hush/WGN Radio in Chicago to appear on the Nick Digilio Show to discuss haunted highway ghost stories. 

I want to offer a belated but sincere big thank you to Nick Digilio and Tom Hush for a very fun interview last week.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a radio interview, but Nick was great to talk to.

I hope you enjoy our discussion of Chicago ghost legends, plus skinwalkers, demon hitchhikers, soldier ghosts, and other very scary true encounters from TRUCKER GHOST STORIES.…/nick-digilio-2-11-20-ghost-stories-…/

Annie Wilder Interview with Jim Willis, author of The Quantum Akashic Field

AW: Tell us about yourself ~ where do live, what do you do for work and for fun? 

JW: I’m now at that delightful time of life when I can work for fun. Because I’m a writer, my work is my fun. It’s never a chore. It’s what I look forward to doing every day. A few years ago I took a bicycle trip down the length of the Savannah River, from the source to the sea. It was fun. But then I wrote a book about it called Savannah: A Bicycle Journey Through Space and Time. That was more fun than the trip itself. 

AW: What led you to write The Quantum Akashic Field

JW: That was another example of fun coinciding with work. For many years I had been skeptical of folks who dowsed for water with rods or pendulums. I thought it was all poppycock. Nonetheless, one day I decided to try it myself. Why? I don’t have the faintest idea. One moment I was a skeptic. The next, I wanted to try it.

I went to the local hardware store, got some solid copper wire in the heaviest gauge I could get, cut it into two 18-inch pieces, bent them into a shape roughly like the letter “L,” and went from there. In front of my house I took the step that has probably changed my life forever. One step — nothing. Another step — the rods suddenly crossed, all by themselves. I asked whatever “Powers That Be” if I had found an underground stream. But no, when I stepped onto the area with water on my mind, nothing happened. The only way I could get the rods to move by themselves was to concentrate on earth energy.

I had, in fact, discovered a ley line, or what is now called an Energy Lay. Once the ice was broken — the skeptic converted, so to speak — the sky became the limit. Over and over again, with expanding confidence, I discovered that there was almost no limit to what I could discover about the “magical” outdoors that I had lived in all my life. I also discovered what I soon labeled a spiritual presence that I could actually commune with. 

In effect, without realizing it, I had stumbled by accident into the Quantum Akashic Field of potential and possibility. Once I discovered it and began to explore, I knew I had to write a book about the experience.

AW: In The Quantum Akashic Field, you state: “Unseen worlds glimpsed in dreams and visions comprise the very realms, spruced up with newly minted scientific vocabulary, that shamans, dowsers, and mystics have been exploring for thousands of years.” 

What was your first experience with the quantum Akashic field? What was (one of) your most dramatic or meaningful experience(s)?

JW: Shortly after I detected a specific spiritual realm through dowsing I began to practice conscious meditation with the intention of engaging out of body experiences. I wanted to explore this world and knew I couldn’t do it while fenced in by my physical senses. Although I had been a minister all my adult life I really never had practiced an intentional prayer life. That sounds strange to most people. They just expect clergy to be people of prayer. But it’s not the case. Clergy are no different from other people. They’re busy and always planning the next activity. But I had retired just for this reason. My first OBE, even though I had been seeking just such an experience, came as a surprise. After a lot of practice I eventually experienced what I call my initiation. I write about it the book. Here’s an edited version:

“I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling wide awake. I decided to meditate in the quiet of early, early morning. Almost right away I felt my consciousness separate from my body and float free … I found myself standing, perhaps even hovering, over the rock below our back porch, where two lines of earth energy intersect … Suddenly I was bathed in all the colors of the rainbow. I saw my astral body as if I was standing off to the side while still being present in it … My feet were rooted to the ground … They plunged into the soil, but my legs consisted of many different colors. It was the same with my head. It was connected to the sky, seemingly turning to colors that just went up and up.  

“I hung suspended in space, a body of rainbow light and color “connected” to the four points of the compass and the four places of power, above and below, left and right .. I was in the posture of crucifixion, and can only assume that Spirit took the familiar image of the cross to use as a metaphor that I would understand.

“I saw a line of male shamans on my right and female shamans on my left, two long, single lines of people, each carrying a goblet (dare I say “grail,” or perhaps “cup?”) filled with a boiling hot, very frightening, steaming, vial of liquid. They approached me with faces that were resigned but somehow loving. “Tough love,” certainly, but loving. They seemed to say, “What must be done will be done.”

“With that, they began to pour the contents of those hot, boiling, vile, (“sinful” seems to be the word that best fits) goblets of fiery liquid into me. Somehow I wasn’t afraid, but waited for the pain to begin.

“It never did! It didn’t hurt. There was no pain. Instead, I took the dark liquid into myself and somehow transformed it into light. The more they poured, the brighter and more brilliant became the light. It was Alchemy—turning lead into gold. I had, in the words of Christianity, taken into myself the sins of the world, and turned it into glorious light. I had accepted the hurt and pain and turned it into blessing. 

“I will never think about biblical crucifixion in the same way again.” 

There was more, but that’s enough for you to get the idea.

AW: Can anyone learn to explore this realm? Is it safe? What are the benefits of opening one’s perception on this way? 

JW: I’ve very rarely had a negative experience. Usually I don’t want to come back. But I’ve never used any chemical substances either, where I might have a quicker, easier journey, but without control. In meditation you can always snap back into your body whenever you want. As for the practical benefits, once you move into perfect peace and unconditional love, you lose your fear of death. After all, what is there to fear about going to a place you can’t wait to get to?

AW: I love it that this book contains snippets of your journal entries as you started down this path of spiritual exploration. Can you share just one example of the impact of your spiritual exploration and OBEs on your physical world/everyday life? 

JW: When I retired from ministry, I never intended to give God a rest. Like Jacob of old I wanted to wrestle with God,saying, “I will not let you go until you bless me!” They say confession is good for the soul, so I have a confession to make. I’ve never found anyone who I consider to be a saint, in the general sense of the word. Catholics elevate people to sainthood, and the theology of Protestantism considers all Christians to be saints, but that’s not how I’m using the word here. What I mean is that although I’ve met many, many people who claim they have figured it all out — many, many people who say they know “the way” — none of them have ever stood up to close scrutiny. Without exception they have not experienced God in the way I was looking for. I wasn’t seeking some hope based on prayer and coincidence or a reasoned explanation about why we must “live by faith and not by sight.” I wanted to experience the Holy. If God could condescend to speak to Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, I figured God ought to be able to talk to me as well. That’s why my wife and retired to the woods. We weren’t moving away from something. We were moving toward something. We built the home we now live in, expecting to spend one year in seclusion. So far, it’s now been more than ten. Days go by when we don’t see or hear anybody. Our spiritual retreat was deliberate. And it’s been successful. I’d love to report that we live in constant bliss. But that’s simply not the case. If anything, sometimes it makes things more difficult. The aches and pains of a body growing older with each passing year and the confusion of the world outside our gate don’t offer much incentive to the peace and love we find in The Akashic perception realm. Sometimes I get homesick and want to cross over. But that time will come. Until then, I am content. 

AW: In your journal entries, you share some of the vivid and lucid dreams you experienced and some of the helpful dream messages and guidance  you experienced. Are OBE’s and lucid dreams different aspects of the same phenomena?

JW: Yes. But that answer comes with a caveat. Language is a barrier when it comes to talking about spirituality, OBEs, and the Quantum Akashic Field. It was designed to describe things on this side of the fence. Over there, you can never say, “This is how things are.” The best you can do is say, “This is the way things seem.” I’ve discovered, having been a systematic theologian for much of my life, that I like things neat, square, and circumscribed in tight little boxes. But it doesn’t work that way. It’s very frustrating for a writer to say that words don’t always work, but that’s the reality.

AW: Are guides and guardians present/more easily perceived in the quantum Akashic realm? If so, what is their role? 

JW: I think spirit guides are always present. It’s just that we don’t usually perceive them. We spend most of our time stuck in a materialistic perception realm. We experience this realm through the five senses, guided by an intellect that has been trained over the course of a lifetime to explain what we perceive. We call this reality. But it’s probably more accurate to call it a self-conjured bubble. Reality is a lot bigger than our perception of it. The Bible talks about “unseen angels.” In my experience, that’s pretty close to the truth. Some of these entities are interested in us. Some even attach themselves to us. I doubt we could get through life without them, but we are usually unaware of their presence. I have also come to believe that some of these entities are a residual energy we leave behind when we come here to live our material life. In effect, they are “us” on the other side. 

AW: Tell us a bit about Sobuko, who you dedicated this book to.

JW: Soon after I began dowsing I became aware of such an entity. He is me/not me on the other side of the perception fence. Soon after I learned how to communicate with him using yes and no questions with my dowsing rods, the name Sobuko came to me in a waking dream and just stuck. I became convinced that was what I should call him. I have no idea what the name means, and I’ve searched really hard. Surprisingly, as I relate in the book, my wife has heard him when I channel his presence. But whenever that has happened, I am not afterwards aware what he has said. I learn about it only because Barb writes it down to read it to me when I “return to my senses.” As far as I know during those experiences, nothing has happened. I’m always surprised. Once, my daughter Jan was even able to record it. That’s probably a good thing. Otherwise I sometimes wonder if they’re just playing a trick on me, even though I know they would never joke about something like this. He appears to me to be an incredibly ancient Indian who once lived on the spot of ground where we now live. I’m aware of the fact that might just be an image my mind has conjured up to help me relate to an otherworldly entity, but I feel sure that when I die he will be the first to greet me on the other side. I’ve written a whole book about Sobuko that I hope will one day be able to express the depths of my gratitude to him. I feel like it’s the most important book I’ve ever written. 

AW: Anything else you’d like to add?

JW: Near the end of my life, I finally became convinced, through a long, involved process that I fought every step of the way, that our “higher self” — or perhaps “soul” is a better word — consists of nonmaterial energy that is connected to the material body, and that has taken on the “stuff” of matter for a while here on Earth. I also believe this incarnation happens for a purpose that has to do with interacting with the material universe, and is probably some kind of school. Here, while experiencing the illusion of separateness, we learn about the nature of this reality in a way we could never learn if we remained united back in the One. This is just a writer’s lengthy way of saying we have a purposeful life to lead. Make it count!

You can visit Jim online:

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The Quantum Akashic Field

What a year this has been… lots of change, a significant amount of loss, and some unexpected new beginnings. I will share more about the changes in my life in a winter solstice post in a few days. (Dudley is doing well, just to allay that fear.)

I want to write today with some good news ~ another book release announcement for one of my Annie Wilder Literary Agency clients, Jim Willis. 

Jim’s book THE QUANTUM AKASHIC FIELD was released last week by the very cool Findhorn Press. (For my publishing world friends: Findhorn is now an imprint of Inner Traditions with distribution by Simon and Schuster.)

I was fascinated from the very first pages of this book when Jim submitted it for my consideration. It’s got all the elements I love ~ true personal experiences of the mystical, a secluded haven in the woods, spirit guide encounters, even some land guardian/earth energy wisdom. Jim also shares how readers can safely explore these elements of the quantum akashic field for themselves.

Jim is an excellent writer and a prolific author. Because of the breadth of his knowledge of mystical topics and his engaging way of telling stories and presenting information, he’s a popular guest on the top paranormal radio shows and podcasts. 

If you like my stories and events, please take a look at THE QUANTUM AKASHIC FIELD.

Annie Wilder Interview with Jeannie Reed, author of The Language of Tarot

AW: Tell us about yourself ~ where do live, what do you do for work and for fun? 
JR: I live in Manhattan, I work as a psychic and a writer, and I love to play bridge and walk dogs. I’m really lucky: I get to play cards at the United Nations, surrounded by diplomats and people in other sensitive positions attached to the Security Council. Thanks in part to my interest in dogs, I’ve reduced my blood pressure to normal. I’ve focused lately on a new book on the afterlife and spiritualism, based in significant part on my own life in the past three years. And I love love love writing novels.

AW: What led you to write THE LANGUAGE OF TAROT? 
JR: I started teaching in 1995 and there was no book out there adequate for my students. So I sat down and wrote one. The book Llewellyn has published is actually the third revision of that early book. It’s a lot more thorough (otherwise, I can tell students what they need to know so they don’t have to read it).

AW: Tell us about the first time someone read tarot cards for you. 
JR: It was a good experience. The reader used the Celtic Cross spread. As I recall, the reading was somewhat informative. The last thing he said was, “You won’t have to come back again,” referring to reincarnation. This is the only thing I remember about that very long-ago reading.

AW: What are some of the most dramatic or moving tarot readings you’ve done? 
JR: I cried once when the woman’s cards were so beautiful and joyful. I became physically terrified once when I was reading about a man who was going to commit suicide the next day, unbeknownst to me. I named the day of a future death. A daughter asked me to help her mother through dying. I did this by phone and the daughter told me later that it helped a lot. The occasional spirit comes through in a reading. (But I don’t go near past lives. It’s too easy to blame something from 1400 for something that happened in this life, like 20 years before….)

AW: Is there any one card that is always positive? Any card that is always cautionary? 
JR: The Sun is always positive: it tells of new life, a rebirth, a bright and wonderful beginning. All negative cards are cautionary: they either alert to future problems if steps aren’t taken now, or they alert to psychological issues that shouldn’t be ignored.

AW: Can anyone learn to do tarot readings? 
JR: Yes, but not just anybody can do them well. It took me four years to figure I was good enough to read people for money. Four years, and three or four hours a day of intense study. It took me a year just to master the tarot deck!

AW: Can someone do a tarot reading for herself/himself? 
JR: No. When we have a vested interest in our own outcomes, we can’t see the forest for the trees. If you want a certain thing to happen, you’ll interpret anything as saying that . . . it’s just human nature. Objectivity is crucial when any oracle is involved. When I want to understand an issue better, I use the runes,I ask only one question, and I accept the answer.

AW: Is there anything else you’d like to add? 
JR: There are a lot of frauds out there. If you see a psychic or an astrologer, do it by referral from somebody you trust. 

AW: Last, is there an advantage of your system over others? 
JR: One huge advantage of my system for reading cards over all others is that there’s almost zero guesswork. Things don’t “feel like,” they either are or they’re not. And, so, my system is also practical. It says what is. All the rest is embellishment.

The Language of Tarot

As promised, some good news: In this period since Dudley’s stroke, I’ve kept my Annie Wilder Literary Agency work going on a part-time basis. I have sold four books and an oracle kit, all of which will be published in the next 6 ~ 8 months. 

Today, I’m very pleased to announce the release of “The Language of Tarot” written by my client Jeannie Reed.

Jeannie is a Manhattan-based Tarot master with 32 years of professional reading experience. She has created a card reading system so revolutionary that I knew publishers would either jump on it or not believe it could be possible. 

“The Language of Tarot” teaches how to read cards. Literally. Jeannie shows that when you see the same two or three cards together, there is almost no guesswork involved: things mean what they mean, nothing more and nothing less. Her simple, proven system makes reading cards in a spread nearly as straightforward as reading words on a page.

Jeannie’s dream was to have her book published by Llewellyn and they made an offer right away. 

I’ll post a brief interview with Jeannie later this week. In the meantime, if you have an interest in learning Tarot or know someone that does, please check out Jeannie’s book!

Saying Goodbye to a Friend and Mentor

I had hoped that my first post in a long while would be to share some happy news ~ and I do have some good news that I’ll post later this week. 

But I’m writing today to pay tribute to my dear friend Linda Cora, who passed away at her home on August 22. I didn’t post sooner because, truthfully, it’s been hard for me to believe my friend is not still here with us on the physical side of life anymore. 

Linda was a role model and teacher to me. She had lived through some very difficult experiences as a young woman but she didn’t let them defeat her or define her. Instead, it seemed to me, Linda used all of her experiences as a source of strength, credibility, and empathy. Her trademark phrase was “Know you’re blessed and leave the rest.” Linda loved life ~ more than anyone I know! ~ and she loved to have fun. She made me laugh so often. Her humor and vitality brightened the energy of those of us lucky enough to spend time with her. 

As many of you who attended Linda’s popular spirit message circles at my house know, her intuitive and spirit communication skills were unsurpassed. She had a special bond with Leon and called several times over the years with messages Leon had given her to share with me, ranging from his thoughts on the orange and blue floor tiles I had chosen for the playroom (a little too loud for his taste) to a request that we read the back hallway blessing out loud each time I led a tea party group on a house tour. (Which we did, starting at the next tea party, and every one since.) 

Linda is the first friend I called three years ago when Dudley was in the ICU and wasn’t regaining consciousness after his stroke. She spoke to Dudley’s spirit and gave me information that wasn’t easy for me to hear at the time but proved to be incredibly valuable. 

I had hoped to offer a few select Spirited Schoolhouse events this fall and Linda was going to be one of the presenters. For several reasons, I’m going to forgo offering events this fall. I’m so sorry about this! I really miss the tea parties and Spirited Schoolhouse events but we’re not at a point where I can sustainably start hosting them again. 

I’ll close by saying that every time I think of Linda, from the moment I heard the news of her passing till right now as I type, I picture her smiling and fine, still learning, still teaching, still full of life, but now on the spirit side of life. 

I’m grateful that our paths crossed and for the friendship we shared. I have thanked Linda for all the help and guidance she gave me, for the healing messages she delivered to me and to my Spirited Schoolhouse and haunted tea party guests, and for all the positivity and healing she brought into this world, and continues to bring from the other side.

Interview with Dr. J Radio Live ~ March 14, 2019

Please join me tonight, March 14, for my interview with Dr J Radio Live at 9 PM E/8 Central.

Dr J was a producer for the legendary Art Bell and has interviewed all the top names in the paranormal field, from Dr. Steven Greer to Linda Moulton Howe to Dr. Edgar Mitchell, to name just a few.

I am SO looking forward to discussing everything from ghosts to UFOs to interesting paranormal anomalies, like remote viewing and strange weather as a portal for paranormal activity.

Join us!

Winter Solstice Eve, 2018

I want to wish everyone a happy winter solstice and a peaceful and blessed holiday season. 

This photo is from last night. The winter blue night sky and rustling oak leaves reminded me how magical this world can be. Even the short time I spent outside was very restorative.

This has been a challenging couple of years, with the stroke Dudley experienced, saying goodbye to my dad and also to two of our friends. Just in the past three weeks, we learned of a family member and three friends who are facing very difficult health situations or loss. Maybe that’s why a “longest night” picture seemed fitting this year. 

Dudley and I meditate in the parlor nearly every day around dusk, sending healing energy out to people we care about and to the world. 

Tonight, we are planning to write down some of our dreams for 2019. I will be offering spirited events in 2019; it’s time. I miss this work and all of you and I believe my house and the spirits miss it as well. 

Bright blessings to you this holiday season and in 2019.

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Halloween Interview ~ Tom Barnard Podcast

Posting from the end of the quietest October I’ve had in years, event-wise. I miss the excitement and energy of the usual October haunted teas, tours, and spirit message circles. And I miss connecting with the bittersweet energy of fall and the season’s awakened and attentive spirit world. Next year, I sincerely hope to be back with my Haunted Teas and Spirited Schoolhouse events.

As part of my sabbatical, I have not done any radio or podcast interviews since late 2016. I’m making an exception tomorrow, on Halloween, because the request came in from a friend to tell some of my scariest true stories from my house and (I think) from my Trucker Ghost Stories book on the Tom Barnard Podcast.

I’ll be on Tom Barnard’s show at 1:35 PM CST, tomorrow (Halloween) for 15 or 20 minutes. You can listen to it at the link below. (Go to October 31, 2018, Annie Wilder interview via the calendar or episode guide/archives.)

New TV Show Looking for Truckers Who Are Paranormal Investigators


Thank you all for the kind words and support regarding my awesome dad. I wish everyone could have had the chance to meet him; without giving such matters a thought, he inspired most everyone he came into contact with his down-to-earth honesty, old-school integrity, farmer work ethic, and sense of humor.

Posting today also about the TV show producer who contacted me recently regarding a new show from the people behind PARANORMAL STATE (one of my favorite paranormal shows). They are looking for truckers who like to investigate paranormal places and mysteries in their spare time to feature in (if I understand correctly) a pilot program for the network.

I may be doing some commentary on the program ~ still exploring that with the producer. Will keep you posted.

I’ll be contacting some of my trucker friends privately but want to say to my friend Sandi Aldershof that I wish Terry were still with us ~ he would be perfect. Also want to give a shout out to my friend Stan at Trucker Radio (maybe commentary and getting the word out?) and my trucker friends Gary Gillespie, author of CHRONICLES OF THE UNEXPLAINED and Trucker Sue~ any interest in giving this a shot?

Please help spread the word if you know of any truckers who might be what the show is looking for. And let me know if you know of someone and I’ll also email the producer. Thanks!