Fall Equinox 2018: Saying Goodbye to My Dad

I’m writing to wish everyone a beautiful fall equinox ~ as you can see from the photos below, it’s perfect fall day in Hastings, with the brilliant blue sunshine of September, warm but with a tinge of autumn’s sharp coolness in the breeze.

The equinoxes are a time to reflect on the idea/ideal of balance and take stock of our lives ~ to think about what has unfolded in the past six months, and what our dreams are for the next half of the year (and beyond). Since my sun sign is Libra, balance is one of the qualities that resonates most with me. But balance has been tough to come by in the past two years as I, along with my family, have weathered some big challenges and losses.

Dudley is doing well ~ well enough that I had four spirit message circle events lined up through Annie Wilder’s Spirited Schoolhouse. (I had not yet started promoting the events, but my sincere apologies to those who had hoped to attend a spirited event this fall.)

What happened was that my dad, a Montana farmer at heart ~ who I love and admire in a million ways and who has been instrumental in my life and sensibility ~ got very sick this summer after completing chemo. It turned out the cancer had returned ~ and he chose not to fight it anymore. (He had already beat cancer three times ~ we know how fortunate we were to have him in our life, feeling strong and well, for an extra several years.) We didn’t know how much time my dad had left or what would be happening with his health this fall, so I decided not to host any spirited events at my house.

My mom and siblings and I, along with the grandkids, cared for my dad at home, where he was surrounded by love, cared for by family, and close to the land and fields that he had plowed, planted, and harvested for 40 years. He passed away last week.

I hope and believe my dad will visit me and I talk to him every day, but my sadness is still pretty raw and raggedy. Being strong and taking care of the work that needs to be done is one of the ways I can honor my dad.

I was contacted by a TV producer while my dad was sick. She got in touch again last week ~ I will be posting about her new show and why I’m involved in the next few days.

Last note: in the past year, adding new flowers and garden spots to our yard has been a source of joy and satisfaction for me. In a small way, I feel this also honors my dad’s legacy of working with and caring for the land; of growing things and participating in the small miracle of seeds becoming flowers or oats or hay or wheat.

Sara Wiseman’s book ~ Messages from the Divine

I am thrilled to announce that my friend and Annie Wilder Literary Agency client Sara Wiseman’s book “Messages from the Divine,” is being released today* from Atria/Beyond Words (Simon and Schuster).

Sara is an award-winning author and a lovely person in every way. Her books are uplifting and empowering, offering clear, simple ways for people to tune into the divine guidance that is always there for us.

Reading Sara’s manuscript for “Messages from the Divine” last year (during one of the toughest periods in my life) inspired a genuine sense of hope and strength ~ I love this book and believe it is a powerful tool for transformation.

You can find out more on Sara’s website.


Congratulations, Sara!






(*Posted on Facebook May 15, 2018. Posting it on my blog for the first now.)  

Ghost Box

Very pleased with this St. Paul Pioneer Press front page review of GHOST BOX, a true account written by Chris and Paulette Moon.










Chris and Paulette are my friends as well as Annie Wilder Literary Agency clients.












(This review ran in 2017. Posting it on my blog for the first time now.)

GoodHousekeeping.com Article about My House and Living with Spirits

Goodhousekeeping.com ran a great article about my house and the spirits that I hope you’ll enjoy. If you do, please consider sharing it as well. (I’m so revved about this; I was honored that they asked and the editor, Lauren Smith, was wonderful to work with.)

(This article ran in 2017. Posting it on my blog for the first time now.)


Spirit Story: Part 1


As promised, here’s a spirit story from our past year. There are many, so I’m going to start with the first one.

(Some context: Dudley had already had the small stroke with no aftereffects in July 2016, but had not yet had the severe stroke, which happened in October.)

One night in September 2016, I had a strong feeling that Leon wanted to communicate with Dudley. (I’ve never had this impression before, even though Dudley and Leon respect one another and Dudley did see Leon once, right after we started going out.)

Dudley was on his way to bed but I convinced him to sit down in the living room with me while I lit a candle and let Leon know we were listening. After about 10 minutes of waiting, we heard nothing (thought I felt Leon’s presence) so I thanked Leon for his help with the house and Dudley went up to bed.

The next morning, Dudley, who always got up before me, came upstairs as soon as I got out of bed. He asked if I had heard anything the night before. I told him I had not. He said that his mom, who had passed away a year or two earlier, had called his name in the night, and that her voice had the strength and volume that it did when she was young. Her voice was so clear and strong that he sat up in bed, fully expecting to see his mom in the hallway. But he saw nothing.

The other really cool aspect of the experience was that for the first time in many years, Dudley woke up with no aches and pains. We hoped that the healing effect was permanent ~ it wasn’t ~ but it did last for several days after his mom’s visit.

Later that day, we realized that it was either his mom’s birthday or his sister’s birthday. (Their birthdays are one day apart.) I wrote a note to myself about the visit, but didn’t write the date ~ I wish I had done so, but maybe it doesn’t matter, as the help and support we’ve gotten over the past year from both Dudley’s mom and his sister ~ foreshadowed in dreams and confirmed in spirit visits ~ have been invaluable.

I’ll continue this story in another post.

(Posted October 2018.)

Unexpected Turn in the Path

I have been absent from this blog and most of social media since mid-October when the path of my life took an unexpected turn ~ my love and mate Dudley suffered a stroke that nearly ended his life. Dudley and I (and our tribe of family and friends) have spent the past three months focusing on his well-being and healing.

I had alluded in a Facebook post last August 14 to a health crisis that Dudley experienced that we considered a gift ~ because it made us aware of how precious our time together was. It also inspired us to re-commit to slowing down, savoring life, and enjoying one another’s company.

Out of respect for Dudley’s privacy, I didn’t share the details of last summer’s health crisis. Now, it seems fitting to do so, as the impact of both strokes on our lives is significant. Dudley had a small stroke last July. He had just passed the critical 90-day mark from the July stroke, complete with scans and tests and a thumbs-up from his neurologist, the day before he had the really severe stroke in October. He has been in hospitals and rehab centers ever since, working on regaining strength and mobility. He is not yet back home, but that is the next milestone that we’re working on.

An unexpected and powerful gift of this experience has been the incredible outpouring of love, support, and practical help from family, friends, neighbors and even strangers ~ people with whom I’ve dealt to take care of Dudley’s many business concerns. The kindness and goodness of people has added a transformative element to an otherwise hard experience.

I have decided to take a sabbatical in 2017 from offering events, tours, and investigations in order to focus on Dudley and his healing. 

I hope and expect to be back with a full schedule of Annie Wilder’s Haunted Tea Parties and Spirited Schoolhouse events in 2018.

This was a difficult decision to make in many ways, as I love hosting events and I am proud of both my haunted tea parties and the Spirited Schoolhouse events.  (And, want to say, it feels really good to be connecting energetically with friends of my blog and Facebook page again.) 

I decided last year to close the door on Inkswiggler, my editing and publishing consulting business, and am happy to refer all editing and ghostwriting inquiries to my mega-talented friend Sally McGraw.

I am keeping the Annie Wilder Literary Agency in place.

And, I am continuing to work on my next book, a follow-up to House of Spirit and Whispers.

And in case you’re wondering about the spirits ~ I alluded earlier to the kindness of people in our lives. The spirits gathered round, too, after Dudley’s stroke; I felt their presence nearly constantly in the first weeks especially, when Dudley’s health was most precarious. Dudley came to see me in a dream on his first night in the ICU. We both remember this. (He was not often conscious for more than a few moments at a time in the first few weeks in ICU.) Dudley’s energy or spirit also visited our house in the first week or after the stroke to offer some familiar help. I will write about these experiences and other powerful and comforting mystical experiences that occurred during Dudley’s recovery in another post.

Watch for new posts around the time of the new moon each month, as a theme for our household this year is renewal and hope.

(Posted January 2017)

TV Appearance with Christopher and Paulette Moon ~ Life To the Max

Here;s the video of WCCO’s Life to the Max piece on my house. Also featured were my friends and literary agency clients, Chris and Paulette Moon (co-authors of GHOST BOX).

Here’s the promo that ran:

“On a quaint street in Hastings, MN, there is a beautiful Victorian home. From the outside, it looks like other houses in the historic river town, but it’s what’s inside that has everyone spooked. The home belongs to Annie Wilder, a paranormal author who documents the spirit activities in the house. Guest host Liz Collin learns about the documented spirit activities and how it has come to be known as the real ‘Haunted House’ – the subject of Wilder’s books and blogs.”


(Posted January 2017)

Fall Equinox 2016 ~ Taking Stock

Happy Equinox, everyone! Saw an industrious spider spinning her web in last night’s wild wind and was impressed by her determination.

The Equinox, a time of balance, is a perfect time to reflect, take stock, and see what to keep and what to release from one’s life.

After working hard this spring on remodeling projects, much of my time this summer was spent on literary agenting work and family events/endeavors ~ both are important to me and, despite being very busy, it has been, overall, an enjoyable and satisfying year. One family project that I feel really good about was getting all of our family movies and videos from the 1950s, 60s and 70s digitized. I had DVDs made as well. I’ve been trying to get things taken care of that have been “on my list” for awhile ~ maybe it’s my age. 

One thing I decided to release from my life is my editing work and my editing business, Inkswiggler Editing and Publishing Consults. This will free up more time for both my own writing (very happy about this!) and my agenting work. I will be referring all editing requests to my longtime friend and colleague, the immensely talented Sally McGraw. Still in the works for this year: freeing up more leisure time to spend with Dudley, especially traveling and outdoor excursions like kayaking and canoeing.

#anniewilder #autumn #equinox #spiderwork

(Posted January 2017)

A Gift ~ and a Message

Been spending a lot of time in the past month in my yard, engaging in a little flower therapy. We had a health crisis in our household that turned out to be a true gift… without going into all the details, here’s what happened.

July was filled to bursting with the usual summertime busy-ness, with family in town, four new clients for the Annie Wilder Literary Agency, a dragon boat race for Dudley, a trip to Colorado for me, a houseful of guests for the Rivertown Days carnival and parade (the latter of which marches right past my house). 

Not part of our plan was a trip to the local emergency room for my amazingly healthy, strong husband, then a sirens-blaring ambulance ride to United Hospital in St. Paul, a day spent in ICU, and one more day in the hospital before coming home.

The miracle of this is that Dudley is fine. He came through an experience that could have been permanently debilitating or even fatal with no lasting damage. We know we are very fortunate; we feel blessed, and we are grateful.

The gift is the powerful message we received: slow down, enjoy life and each other’s company, and appreciate your health. It’s a message we intend to heed.

September and October are some of my busiest months and all events will still be offered this year. I fully expect to offer Annie Wilder’s Haunted Tea Parties and Spirited Schoolhouse events next year and for many years to come, perhaps scaled back a bit, keeping my focus on that and on my agenting work. But I will probably scale back on blogging and social media posts for my winter “creative cocooning” time, and am seriously considering closing shop entirely on doing editing work ~ will keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, Dudley and I have been having our morning coffee on the porch, going to bed (and getting up) a little earlier, and heading out more often with our bikes, canoe, and kayaks.


Wishing you all great health and lots of “flower therapy” (and wind and star and sunshine and earth and tree and river therapy) in these golden days of August.

( Posted January 2017)



Annie Wilder Interview ~ Shooting From the Lip

Here’s the link to my interview with Kevin and Tiffany from SHOOTING FROM THE LIP.

My thanks to Kevin and Tiffany for a really fun interview! We had a great time discussing paranormal encounters, ETs, astral creatures and haunting anomalies.

Check it out at the link below ~ and please “like” it on YouTube if you liked it. Thanks! ~Annie