End of Days Radio Interview


Here’s a link to my interview with Michael and Daniel from End of Days Radio. It was a lot of fun being on this show ~ somewhat unexpectedly, the spirit sisters were very active with the seed poster door light during the interview. (Generally, the spirit sisters are most responsive to teenage girls and the buoyant, almost boisterous energy of groups of women who know each other well and are ready for fun and a new experience.) Michael and Daniel are young men, but there was some sort of resonance between them and the spirit sisters. They were very courteous and respectful, which the spirit sisters appreciate.

One of the End of Days listeners called in during the show with a question regarding the energy grid. Like me, she is able to see an energy grid of moving light. She sent me an email detailing her experiences. With her permission, I’ll share some of her experiences in future blog posts.

My thanks to Michael and Daniel and the End of Days Radio audience!