Night Yard ~ Summer 2015


Here in Minnesota, we have been blessed  with one of most perfect summers I can remember ~ sunny days, clear blue skies, pleasant temps, enough rain (usually at night) that the grass and gardens are still lush and colorful in early August, and just enough breezy or blustery days to keep someone who loves the wind (like me) happy.

This photo was taken a few nights ago. I did not want to go inside; the night was so magical ~ the moon was full and bright, bats were swooping, a  train rumbled by, and an interesting night wind made the backyard flowers and milkweed plants sway and curtsy. I love my house!

This summer, I’ve been busy with editing and agenting work (for which I am grateful) but I haven’t forgotten the haunted tea parties and Spirited Schoolhouse events.

We have five seats available at an haunted tea party coming up on Saturday, August 22. This is an evening tea party, from 7:00 ~ 9:30 PM, which I don’t offer that often ~ if you’d like to attend, please email me soon! (