A Gift ~ and a Message

Been spending a lot of time in the past month in my yard, engaging in a little flower therapy. We had a health crisis in our household that turned out to be a true gift… without going into all the details, here’s what happened.

July was filled to bursting with the usual summertime busy-ness, with family in town, four new clients for the Annie Wilder Literary Agency, a dragon boat race for Dudley, a trip to Colorado for me, a houseful of guests for the Rivertown Days carnival and parade (the latter of which marches right past my house). 

Not part of our plan was a trip to the local emergency room for my amazingly healthy, strong husband, then a sirens-blaring ambulance ride to United Hospital in St. Paul, a day spent in ICU, and one more day in the hospital before coming home.

The miracle of this is that Dudley is fine. He came through an experience that could have been permanently debilitating or even fatal with no lasting damage. We know we are very fortunate; we feel blessed, and we are grateful.

The gift is the powerful message we received: slow down, enjoy life and each other’s company, and appreciate your health. It’s a message we intend to heed.

September and October are some of my busiest months and all events will still be offered this year. I fully expect to offer Annie Wilder’s Haunted Tea Parties and Spirited Schoolhouse events next year and for many years to come, perhaps scaled back a bit, keeping my focus on that and on my agenting work. But I will probably scale back on blogging and social media posts for my winter “creative cocooning” time, and am seriously considering closing shop entirely on doing editing work ~ will keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, Dudley and I have been having our morning coffee on the porch, going to bed (and getting up) a little earlier, and heading out more often with our bikes, canoe, and kayaks.


Wishing you all great health and lots of “flower therapy” (and wind and star and sunshine and earth and tree and river therapy) in these golden days of August.

( Posted January 2017)