Annie Wilder Literary Agency

Annie Wilder Literary Agency

I want to help you get published.

I’ve had a lot of lucky breaks and opportunities in my writing career and one of my goals is to help other writers get published. That’s why I created the Annie Wilder Literary Agency.

June 2020 ~ Note to writers seeking representation: 

Thank you for considering the Annie Wilder Literary Agency. 

I have a full roster of clients. 

I’m grateful to have this much business and want to maintain a high standard of service as the Annie Wilder Literary Agency grows, so I’m closing submissions until the end of 2020.  

 Thank you ~ Annie

The Annie Wilder Literary Agency is dedicated to two of my favorite genres — nonfiction paranormal and metaphysical books. With more than 19 years of experience in the metaphysical publishing field, plus having published three successful paranormal books of my own, I am uniquely qualified to help writers and aspiring writers in these genres get a publishing deal. (Read what Jim Harold of Paranormal Podcast and other authors say about working with me here.)

Nonfiction topics and genres I represent:
Paranormal: true ghost stories; cryptozoology; accounts of haunted places, objects or people; UFOs and aliens; time slips and other anomalous events; other similar explorations or firsthand accounts of the odd and strange.
Metaphysical: intuition; energy work; cottage magic; faeries and elementals; herb, tree and flower magic; astral world exploration; dream work and interpretation; psychic development; spiritualism; reincarnation; divination; other explorations of the unseen world.

(I do not represent fiction titles at this time.)

Here is the process for sending me your manuscript or proposal. (There is no fee for reading manuscripts or proposals.)
• Email submissions only.
• Paste your query, a 1 ~ 2 page synopsis of your manuscript, a brief bio, and the first chapter of your book into the body of an email. (No attachments, please.)
• Send to: with the subject line: Query: (Your book title).
• I will do my best to respond to queries within 3 weeks.

Please note: For print books, most publishers are looking for manuscripts of at least 45,000 ~ 55,000 words.

I’m looking forward to hearing your book ideas and reading YOUR work.