Black Moon in Aquarius ~ January 30, 2022

A brief note before one of the tree stories I promised: I just today learned of the phrase “black moon” which, according to, can refer to either:

1. The second new moon in a month

2. The third new moon in a season (3 months) with four new moons

3. No new moon in February.

Is anyone on this page familiar with the energy of a black moon? I would guess it’s similar to the energy of a blue moon, simply amplifying the energy of the moon phase. I’ll do some digging, too.

On to one story of working with tree energy…

On our first trip to Cuba, in 2010, Dudley and I went on a meandering hike with a friendly and knowledgeable local guide in Viñales, a small, picturesque community known for its tobacco farms. The hike lasted for a few hours. We stopped to visit local tobacco farmers and buy some cigars; we saw baby pigs, horses, and lots of free-range chickens; we explored a cave; and we learned about Cuba’s history and local farming practices.

Near the end of our tour we approached a massive and interesting old tree (a ceiba tree, I later learned) that had caught my eye from the very beginning of our tour. (We had started and ended our tour near the field where the tree was, so it had been visible from a distance the entire time.)

I was smoking one of our newly purchased cigars as we eventually approached the tree. I told Dudley I wanted to sit on one of its giant roots to meditate. I mentioned to him that I was planning to ask the tree’s permission to do so. The words were barely out of my mouth when I tripped and dropped my cigar, which rolled up to one of the tree’s roots and stopped.

I laughed and told Dudley, “It wants my cigar!” I totally understood that my cigar was being requisitioned in exchange for permission to share in the tree’s amazing energy for my meditation.

I stubbed out my cigar and laid it down again at the base of the tree. I sat on one of her roots and reflected on our adventure and how fortunate we were. I expressed gratitude, and also thanked the ceiba tree. Then I got up to rejoin Dudley and our guide.

As I came around the tree, Dudley smiled and said, “You’re going to like this.”

On the other side of the ceiba were dozens and dozens of offerings ~ cigars, tiny bottles of rum, ribbons, photographs, small pieces of faded paper. The ceiba tree was a sacred tree to the community. I had felt the tree’s powerful energy as soon as I saw her, although I didn’t understand it until we got up close.

(To get an idea how truly massive this powerful healing tree was, note the size of the man and the cow in the picture below.)

I’ll be posting again with a new theme on February 1, Imbolc, but will come back to to my other tree stories in February.

Martin Luther King Day, 2022

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is one of my favorite Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quotes and one that, I believe, offers timeless wisdom.

Like many others, the past few years have inspired me to take a look at my life and assess whether there are additional or previously unimagined ways in which I can contribute time, energy, and resources to make the world a more just and hopeful place.

My focus has traditionally been on my family, especially the children in our family. (In the past few years, more so on much-loved elders in our family.) I’ve always contributed to Heifer International, my favorite aid organization, and while living in Hastings, was quite active in volunteer community work.

But looking outside of my day-to-day world, it didn’t take long to see some small but sustainable and direct ways in which I could contribute to a more just world. One example: In Dudley’s life and work, he became friends and worked for years with other travel guides in Africa and Cuba, guides whose lives have become even more financially precarious since the pandemic hit. I told Dudley’s colleagues I’d like to make micro-grants to their businesses in Dudley’s memory if they were open to that. (They were open, and were truly appreciative.) I know that Dudley would be pleased about this as well.

I guess my point in posting about this was to dig a little deeper than simply posting a Martin Luther King Jr. quote. And, I hope, to inspire others that small but direct ways of getting involved are possible, even if one has limited time, energy, or resources. It’s all about energy! Contributing positive energy and practical help to others and to the world, in as many ways in which we can. (Speaking of energy, I’ll add that I will be posting again tonight since it’s a full moon and my goal is to post on new and full moons each month.)

The image is from Getty Images and is from today’s article on Dr. Martin King Jr. The photograph was taken on August 28, 1963, as Dr. King prepared to deliver his “I Have a Dream” speech.

Wolf Moon, January 2022: Establishing a Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Trees ~ Brief Excerpt from the Book “Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage” by Mantak Chia

(My thanks to for posting the original excerpt )

In my January new moon post, I wrote about starting to work intentionally with the energies of nature to help the earth and all living beings on it. And when I asked my friend and role model Diana Stinocher to tune in to the natural world, she immediately heard many voices ~ the voices of the trees asking us to give them the energy of love and appreciation. The trees’ message was that they have endured much in the past few years with drought, wildfires, and high winds. So the first task on this journey (for me and anyone joining me) is to send positive energy, gratitude, and appreciation to the trees in your corner of the world and to any trees that you love.

I have not heard back from Mantak Chia or his publisher to get permission on including a long-ish excerpt with detailed instructions on communicating energetically with trees from Chia’s book: Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage, which contains a chapter on establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with trees. But I bought the book myself and so I’m posting a shorter excerpt and summarizing some of the practices. (I’m counting the image descriptions as text for fair use.) I still hope to connect with Mantak Chia or his publisher; I’d love to learn more from him and do plan to buy more of his books.

In this chapter on tree energy (which is only a small part of the book, actually) Chia states that trees are the largest and most spiritually advanced plants on Earth. And that as we become more familiar with tree energy (through mindfulness and spending time with trees ~ regular visits!), we can begin to develop a relationship with them. Chia believes that this “is a mutually beneficial relationship that needs cultivation.” One gift that trees and humans can offer each other is opening each other’s energy channels to remove blockages and increase vitality.

Chia reveals that the best trees for healing are trees big enough and robust enough to have sufficient energy. He states that pines are the best for healing and nurturing souls, which I found interesting, as I know that in some branches of magical thought there is a correspondence between pine trees and healing grief.

Interestingly, Chia says that, “Among the most powerful are trees growing near running water.” I’d really like to learn more about this. Is it because of the chi energy of the water, or the proximity to water itself (meaning that the tree gets sufficient water). Or both? Or something else entirely?

He also says that trees that are around people understand our energy and are actually more accessible and friendly than trees in the wilderness. He notes that each tree, like each of us, has a personality and inner life of its own. And that we can learn and grow from a relationship with all different types of trees.

The general process of communicating energetically with trees is (summarizing here):
1. Find a tree with whom you wish to work
2. Open yourself up energetically to the tree
3. Offer a welcome to the tree and wait for an energetic response from the tree
4. Take turns going back and forth, offering energy to and accepting energy from the tree
5. Observe this exchange of energy without trying to change it in any way
6. Deepen the energy exchange
7. When the time seems right, gradually and gracefully withdraw your energy
8. Formally close the communication with a clear gesture (word, clap, or nod)

I will say that, while I have made it a point to get outside nearly every day so far this year, it is cold enough that I had trouble connecting with my trees in this way because it is so cold and this process takes some time. So, for now, I’m connecting with my yard trees via my morning Reiki sessions. I am also quite fond of many trees in my old neighborhood, and include them in my Reiki prayers each day. In my next post, I’ll share two tree spirit stories.

New Year, New Moon ~ January 1, 2022

It’s a new year, with a new moon in Capricorn. Wishing bright blessings for all, and looking ahead with cautious optimism.

I talked in my winter solstice post about starting to work with the spirit level energy of nature to help our planet. In some of the darkest times in my life, I’ve had to remind myself that every good thing is still a good thing and every single bit of positive energy contributes to a more positive world. The nature stewardship practices that I’ll suggest will be simple, but I hope, powerful as well. I’ll add new practices only about once a month so that anyone interested actually has time to learn and apply the skill. (But I plan to share stories/posts on the topic in between new practices.)

I’m a student and scribe; I’m not highly skilled in working with nature spirits and energy but I’ll be reaching out to my friends and colleagues who are skilled in this area. I’ll also be researching ways to connect with and support, strengthen, and contribute to nature in a metaphysical way. (Since there are already many excellent resources available for working to help the earth in more traditional or non-metaphysical ways.)

A new year and new moon in (earth sign) Capricorn seems like a perfect time to start this endeavor, and a perfect time to begin working with earth energy in one of my favorite forms: trees. (The grand old oak in the images is on the block where I once lived. I felt very fortunate that this majestic tree was part of my life every day for 25 years.)

With my humble credo in mind, I asked my friend (and role model in all things magical, kind, and creative) Diana Stinocher if she could tune in and relay any messages from the nature spirit world. Diana agreed and when she tuned in, immediately heard many voices, the voices of the trees. (Which is why we’re starting with trees, but as I noted, doing so at a new moon in Capricorn is a sign to me that we’re already in the flow.)

The trees asked us to give them the energy of love and appreciation. The trees’ messages was that they have endured much in the past few years with drought, wildfires, and high winds.

So the first suggestion on this journey is to send positive energy, gratitude, and appreciation to the trees in your corner of the world and to any trees that you love. I’m working on getting permission to add a separate blog post with clear instructions on communicating energetically with trees from the book: Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage by Mantak Chia, which contains a chapter on establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with trees. It’s really cool and I can’t wait to share it! If I can’t get permission (it seems as though the publisher may no longer exist) I’ll summarize some of the practices and recommend the book.

Winter Solstice, 2021

Sending winter solstice greetings from a bluff above the Mississippi River. I love winter solstice sunshine; it feels special and magical, like you could make a wish and believe that it may come true.

I don’t actually know if people are still reading this website, but if you are here, thank you.

So many things have changed since my Haunted Tea Party and Spirited Schoolhouse days, in my personal life and in the world. The biggest change for me is that I lost my beloved Dudley this past May. I will post a tribute to Dudley on my blog and probably on this page as well. I don’t want Dudley’s life, and the impact he had on mine, to be reduced to being part of a long post. It deserves its own space.

Our life changed in 2016 when Dudley had the first catastrophic stroke. It changed again in 2018 when we lost my awesome dad and had to sell the family home, which also meant the loss of a way of life that had been a foundation of our family gatherings for more than 40 years. Our life changed a THIRD time in 2019, in a terrible year in which I lost my younger brother Randall to cancer and also unexpectedly lost my dear friend Linda Cora. Also in 2019, I finally, FINALLY conceded that it was time to leave the house I loved and thought I would be in forever. MY HOUSE!! I kept waiting for a miraculous turnaround in our neighborhood’s decline. I couldn’t imagine living anyplace else. But after three years of fighting on many fronts to keep the residential character of our once-wonderful neighborhood, we left

Then the pandemic happened.

For these past few unusual years, I’ve been essentially holding space and recalibrating my life in (fittingly enough) the Driftless Area of Minnesota, in a beautiful and seemingly unhaunted Victorian home in another historic river town.

The world is in such a different place now than when I stepped back from my writing and spirited events in 2016. I still consider myself a student and scribe of the spirit world, but my focus going forward will be be on earth healing practices through spirit/energy work and sustainable stewardship.

I am inviting all past friends of this page to join me on a journey as I start writing again. I am planning to self-publish a follow-up book on my former house, probably using the Kindle Vella platform. (I would love to publish in a way that didn’t involve Amazon, but at this point in time, it doesn’t seem feasible.)

I also have a paranormal fantasy novella (not yet complete) that I plan to publish on Kindle Vella. Will post updates here and on my blog.

I have a new focus: earth-healing practices through spirit/energy work and sustainable stewardship. I believe it is what our world and all the children (and creatures and plant life) of the world need and deserve from us.

At this point, I’m a dedicated student. I have some initial ideas. I will be doing research and, once again, connecting with those more skilled than I at energy work for the earth. I invite all of you to join me in this conversation/exploration/practice ~ sharing your ideas, your experiences, asking questions. I am especially reaching out to:
Suzanne Worthley
Diana Stinocher
Janice Carlson
Tina Cassler
Marie Des Marais Robinson
Lynne Maki
Tide Ramel
Jane MacNett
(Am I missing anyone from the tea party days? Please let me know.)

Asking for your thoughts and suggestions on what paths to pursue, helpful books/daily practices to recommend, etc. Anything beyond that is welcome also

Wishing all of you, and our world, peace and bright blessings in this holiday season and in 2022.


Annie Wilder Interview with Suzanne Worthley, Author of An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying

Photo credit: Nicolle Danus

Here’s my interview with my dear friend and Annie Wilder Literary Agency client Suzanne Worthley.

Many of you met Suzanne at the annual haunted tours of my house sponsored by the Rosemount ISD#196 Community Ed program. An incredibly gifted intuitive and healer who works with energy holographicly, Suzanne offered additional insights on the house spirits and energy anomalies at my house. And Suzanne’s help was invaluable in an energy healing session for a property that needed some assistance.

Last note, Suzanne’s book was released in March, just as the pandemic was starting to accelerate in the US. I’m posting this interview months later than I had planned, just after the election results. Working with energy has been a true challenge this year; I’m trying to flow with it and remember to breathe and be extra patient, kind, respectful.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Suzanne.

AW: Tell us about yourself ~ where do you live, what do you do for work and for fun?

SW: I basically grew up in Minnesota with a couple of breaks just prior to getting married including Colorado and California. I pretty much prefer Minnesota, its energy, and of course my family is here.

For work I am a full time Energy Practitioner, that means I do energy work on people, animals, places and spaces which of course leads into paranormal experiences and land and home clearing. Plus, I have done hospice work for the dying for close to 20 years now.

To me, my job and my fun factor kind of blend together because I am so incredibly intrigued by anything energetically, from haunted places to land energy carrying eons of information in special places like Peru. I love when I am able to share energetic experiences and knowledge with others in incredibly sacred places and I am blessed my work offers that.

AW: When did you first realize you had a intuitive/healing gift?

SW: I was very psychic as a small child and then of course like most folks I stuffed it away to “fit in” in the early years of growing up. I did allow myself to own a big intuition quotient, but it was there all along, just hidden for quite some time.

The actual gift of doing healing, however, came later when all my knowing came back in a flash. It was in my late 30’s and the flood gates opened so dramatically I thought I might be going a bit crazy. Sadly, back then there was not a lot of help or guidance like there is today to assist those in their awakening process. So I ended up learning a lot on my own through my guides and helpers. Then my life totally changed ~ I left my corporate world and became an energy healer.

AW: What was the trigger for the floodgates opening?

SW: There were a couple of factors I believe. I had been married for about 20 years with four kids living the typical life when my husband and I attended a Marriage Encounter Weekend where I met a woman that did Hands on Healing. At that time, I had no idea what that even meant but she was the one that told me to learn about energy and I took her advice. She recommended Barbara Brennen’s book Hands of Light. Ironically, I already owned that book (given to me by a friend) but had never really read it because the concepts went completely over my head ~ so it sat on my bookshelf for years. After that weekend, I took it down and read the entire book in a day, already “knowing” almost everything within it as familiar inner knowledge; funny how spirit works, right?

Not long after, I walked outside my back door one afternoon as my husband was coming across the driveway and I could literally “see” inside of him and I blurted out, “You need to get your medicines checked or you are going to die.” It was insane ~ I could completely see his aura and how black the blockages were throughout his etheric system. He did go in and get his meds adjusted but this was the beginning of the floodgate which continued each day, seeing, hearing, and remembering more and more. Then the “light people” returned, that’s when it got a bit crazy as my psychic sight remembered sacred geometry, light fractals, and Starseeds; that’s when I scrambled to get my hand on anything to read and study because I thought I was losing it!

Basically, I believe spirit awakens us when it is our time to remember what we know and it was my time and my information and guidance came in fast and strong. It was time for me to get to work.  

AW: What led you to write An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying?

SW: I never really set out to write a book, much less one on dying, but it was because of my hospice work this came to be. I found myself curious as to what was happening to and with my dying clients and so I actually began telepathically “interviewing them” to find out exactly what they were experiencing, seeing, sensing, and knowing. I wrote it down for just me at first, but then I began to share what I was learning at hospice meetings. Everyone wanted more information so it became more of a Power Point training presentation, which then turned into an e-book, and finally an actual book.  I am very happy the journey took that course.

AW: How did you get started working in hospice work?

SW: I was already doing energy work and one day out of the blue it hit me that I could combine my knowledge of death from growing up as a mortician’s daughter with my healing skills. It is amazing how spirit works.  My sister who is a huge pet lover stopped by my home that very day and told me she was off to the Pet Expo at the local convention center. I asked her to keep an eye out for any booth with information regarding hospice work. And wouldn’t you know, she came upon just that at the show and that is how easily it happened. I took their classes, got certified, was a hospice volunteer for many years and then began training.  I was with that hospice organization for several years. When they folded, I continued my hospice work independently and still do to this day.

AW: You share a fascinating true story in An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying  about working with a hospice patient with Alzheimer’s. Can you tell us what you learned from that experience? 

SW: First what I learned is that those that we believe are “not there” such as this gentleman, are completely telepathically able to communicate ~ yet in 3D he was non-responsive. So please know your loved ones are in their body and can hear you even if they seem not to.

Second what he told me was fascinating regarding where people with dementia “go” when we see them as just gone out of their body.  He explained that they are traversing multi-dimensional places of reality and timelines and checking out what is out there and what they will encounter in their next lifetime. They are working fully in joy and wonder even though we think they are sad and in pain.

Lastly, I asked him if that is so great, why not just die and leave? And he simply said, “It is not time until it is time. I have a purpose to hold a point of light on the planet and that is why my body is still here until that job is done.”  Like I said, fascinating!

This insight can give such peace to families suffering with loved ones fighting this disease.

AW: I totally agree with you on that point! Are there things non-intuitive people can do to support their loved ones during the dying process?

SW: Certainly, and I cover this in depth throughout my book via bullet points designated for each stage of dying plus additional information throughout.

First and foremost, it is important for anyone holding vigil or caretaking to take care of themselves along the journey of assisting another. Many people are so scared to leave the bedside that they find themselves so fatigued or even emotionally sick that this does not do anyone any good.

But the most important overall message is; give the dying person permission to die. You do not have to do this verbally but we all can offer this gift in our heart space. It is something that feels so counter-intuitive because no one wants to lose someone and yet this is very important to the energetic process.

And finally, read the book, no, seriously, because there is a lot of material about “honoring” the death process and this is one of the concepts I hope the book conveys in a respectful yet critical way. We need to let people die. They get to! This is not something we grow up hearing much less knowing but it is the truth.

AW: Can you elaborate a bit on the concept of people “getting” to die? I believe it’s an unfamiliar concept for most people.

SW: Thanks for asking more about this as it is really not a common thought or idea for most people; in fact, it makes many uncomfortable because we are wrapped up with ourselves losing someone. Yet when we think about it ~ why wouldn’t we let someone we love do the most profound thing they came here to do, which in some cases means dying? We may all want to think and believe a bit bigger in this concept. 

We all have what is known as our soul’s contract or our Book of Life which includes what we came here to do on Earth and this also includes our exit plan from this planetary human experience. Our Higher Self fully knows when we have fulfilled our mission to co-create, and without fear it then calls us and returns us back to Source. Our 3D self does not always know this ~ but our soul-self does. We are not gone when we exit this existence, we are simply traversing in a different vehicle and we still have much to do in other realms but will always be available for our loved ones in spirit.

AW: Are there things each of us can do to help our own dying process be more peaceful?

SW: This book is titled An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying but it could also be called An Energy Healer’s Book of Living because chakra and energy center-wise, these human meat-bodies we walk around in daily are living and dying all at the same time. If we all understood this idea, we would change the way we traverse life I am sure…and then we not only would have an easier more joy filled life, but a much easier death process as well.

The bottom line is dump the fear, the anger, the guilt, the shame, and so on.  Do the work to clear your human meat-body as well as your auric bodies of anything negative. Dump old belief systems that no longer serve you. Align to the truth of your Higher Self and find joy while you are living, it will assist your death.

AW: Does the specific cause of death (natural, peaceful, unexpected, suicide, etc.) affect the process for the dying person? If so, in what ways?

My personal belief and experience says yes.  As stated above, I believe that belief systems are what mostly stagnate the dying process especially if they are fear based or dogmatic, as in the case of suicide. I write a segment on that specifically in the book.

The process of full return to spirit will be different with different death experiences and the ways in which we get assistance and help from our guides, angels and benevolants will always be different for each person’s experience.

I present the stages of dying in a methodical manner in the book for teaching purposes but some deaths may jump all around, go back and forth, etc., so yes, each experience is different.

One thing I do my best to teach others about dying though is regardless of the process of the actual death, our beliefs will be the stage on how the experience of crossing plays out at least at first.  So once again, dump what no longer serves you that someone else may have told you about dying and the other side if it no longer resonates as your truth.

AW: What is one of the most unexpected lessons you’ve learned from working with people as they die?

I was already aware that the consciousness was able to experience omnipresence but in doing this work I was amazed at the scope of just how many place, timelines and reality planes we can simultaneously traverse so this speaks to those who are sad they did not “get there in time” because none of that matters. Your dying loved one is already with you wherever you are!

Another thing I learned just by doing the actual work is just how fast a human body can shift their energies while in the process of death. We were not designed to suffer and have long, extended, fear-filled experiences and this work is a testament to that as I have seen in front of my eyes just how beautifully calm this process can be when done in love versus fear.

AW: What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned from working with people as they die?

I have learned what an honor it is to hold space and be witness to such an incredible miracle, this transition back to spirit. My heart has been opened as families embrace this journey with a sense of knowing and understanding and get to experience firsthand just how much this not only changes the death process, but the grief process as well.

I also already knew this in my mind but now my life experiences validate that these loved ones we lose do not go away, they only transform. So many still come to visit me in my healing room and do funny things like play with my music player just to let us know they are still there. I am truly blessed to get to do what I do.

AW: Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

SW: I believe it is time to change our death culture conversation and that is another reason why I wrote this book and am doing interviews, to get the topic out there for all to consider with new eyes and ears. To look at death as not an ending but only a transition to more. To learn and incorporate honor into this journey. To open our head to things like Akashic Record and Soul Contracts, all things I write about in the book. To celebrate with ritual and move onward with passion for life knowing our loved ones are right there beside us ~ just in a different style body.

And lastly, Annie and anyone reading this, take what resonates and toss the rest as we are all here to find, hold, and live our own version of truth.  

Thanks so much for opening up this conversation on such an important topic.  I appreciate it, and you.

AW: Thanks, Suzanne!

You can learn more about Suzanne and her classes and events on her website:


At Amazon

At Barnes & Noble

At your local independent bookstore

Blue Moon Samhain, 2020

I’m back to wish everyone a Happy Samhain/full moon/blue moon. I also want to give an update on my life and last, share some news. This will be a very long post; my apologies.

First, Dudley and I are doing all right. We feel fortunate to have another beautiful old Victorian home in another historic river town. I had my doubts that any other place could ever feel like home ~ and when we first moved here, I felt like a guest in someone’s lovely house ~ but this house feels like home now. One of the things that most helped me connect energetically to this house was working in the yard and gardens ~ more on that in a moment. Other elements of our new town that I love are the wind, the bluffs and river, the neighborhood crows, and train whistles.

There are no resident spirits here ~ or none that I’ve sensed anyway. I had an experience one night of seeing two spirit girls (middle school age, younger than the spirit sisters) but nothing since then. Our new house itself seems to have a friendly sentience or awareness that both Dudley and I have noticed. A loud responsive creak at just the right time when we’re talking about the house, lots of good luck finding just what we needed in the sea of moving boxes in our first month here, and happy coincidences involving the house, such as yesterday, needing to move a curtain rod at the bottom of a French door (because the curtain was too long) and finding holes already in place exactly where they needed to be (not in the standard spot but just where we needed them).

I have not had any visits from Leon, the spirit sisters, or any other former house spirits in our new house. That makes me a little sad, but I respect the boundary or decision that is behind it. I do believe that my former house spirits can still hear me and I send out greetings and gratitude for their help every now and then. I still have Leon’s coffee can safe and rotary phone, and a sewing machine that belonged to a former tenant of the house (Gertrude’s sister Elizabeth). The seed poster door is on display on our dining room but the spotlight hasn’t blinked once in our new home. I do miss having friendly spirits in the household but trust that things are unfolding in the way they’re supposed to.

I visited my former house once to exchange wildflowers with my friend Michelle. It was hard ~ I felt a big rush of fondness and loss for my boulevard sugar maples as I stepped onto the property. I haven’t gone inside the house and probably won’t. I’m grateful to Michelle for making it possible for me to leave once I decided we needed to.

I had thought about offering haunted tea parties and spirited schoolhouse events here, or possibly running an Airbnb with a writing or spirit world theme. The lack of resident spirits and Covid-19 restrictions changed those plans. Two of my dear friends who were spirited schoolhouse teachers ~ psychic medium Linda Cora and dowser Curt Hansen ~ have passed away. It seems like the energy has changed and it’s time for new ventures.

Realizing that everything has shifted made it easier to make a decision regarding the last vestige of my Annie Wilder work: I have decided to close down the Annie Wilder Literary Agency at the end of this year. I love the work, but have reluctantly concluded that I need to find work that is less labor intensive and more remuneration intensive. : ) I’ll still have some client projects coming out in 2021 or 2022. (Those are the publishing timelines that make it hard to make a living in publishing.)

I plan to keep my Facebook page open for a while at least. Two of my good friends from the spirited schoolhouse events ~ intuitive energy worker Suzanne Worthley and medium Janice Carlson are now literary agency clients. Suzanne’s first book, “An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying”, came out last March right as Covid restrictions hit. I’ll be publishing an interview with Suzanne on this page and on my website blog in the next day or two. And we’re in the process of selling Janice’s book. So, some new adventures with good friends to make change/loss easier.

Last, what’s ahead? I mentioned how restorative it was to work in our yard and gardens this past year. I am starting on a new path of working with earth energy to do what I can to help heal the earth. It is slow going; I wish I had the psychic skills of my friends. But a new guide has appeared to help with this project; I’m just starting to get to know him. I’m once again seeing the geometric light figures that I often saw at my former house. They seem to be part of the way I’m gaining information. I’m keeping a journal and am hopeful and excited to see where this path leads.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been a friend of this blog and my Facebook page, who has attended tea parties and spirited schoolhouse events, and especially the friends who came back to many events over the years ~ I was and am grateful for your support and interest in spirit world topics and my events. Brightest Blessings ~ Annie

Cosmic Dancer Oracle

So pleased to share this announcement from my friends (and Annie Wilder Literary Agency clients) Tess Whitehurst and Sedona Soulfire. Congratulations, Tess and Sedona, for creating this beautiful oracle.

I also want to thank Elinore Eaton for the stunning artwork and Blue Angel Publishing and Llewellyn Worldwide for their role in bringing this gorgeous oracle to the world.

You can learn more about Tess Whitehurst and Sedona Soulfire on their websites.


At Amazon

At Llewellyn

At Blue Angel

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An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying

I have always loved the wild and windy days of March. March energy fills me with hope ~ starting with the first muddy patches in the sunny spots in the yard, the smell of wet earth, picking up sticks and branches and bits of junk that made their way onto the boulevard… the relief that another Minnesota winter is over or nearly over and the sense of possibility, of color and fragrance and warmth returning.

This March is more complicated, but the underlying energy of the season is still present and available for support and inspiration. I highly encourage everyone to keep this in mind as a source of strength and a way to ground and balance one’s energy.

Also on the topic of energy: I’m also posting today to say I’m very pleased to announce a book release by my good friend of many years and Annie Wilder Literary Agency client Suzanne Worthley.

Suzanne’s book is An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying (Findhorn Press). Many of you have met Suzanne at haunted tea parties or tours of my house.Suzanne’s book looks at the process of dying from an energy standpoint ~ what is happening with the chakras and aura, what the dying person may be seeing and feeling, what family and friends can do to help. It includes accounts from Suzanne’s professional hospice care work that illustrate in a personal way each level of the dying process. I found Suzanne’s book to be absolutely fascinating and positive, from the first time I read the manuscript.

Here’s a description from the Inner Traditions/Findhorn website:

In this compassionate guidebook to the nine energetic levels of the dying process, intuitive energy worker Suzanne Worthley reveals what is happening energetically during each stage of the transition back to spirit, including what the dying person may see and experience and how to provide support during any phase of losing a loved one.

You can learn more about Suzanne and her classes and events on her website:


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Annie Wilder Interview with Nick Digilio /WGN Radio Chicago

Nick Digilio/WGN Radio

Since our move to Red Wing in December, along with unpacking boxes and catching my breath, I’ve been working on getting back into a creative/magical flow that has been very scarce these past few years. 

One of the things I’m doing is to take some time each day to dream and to visualize goals and happy new experiences as though they’ve already happened. (I’m fueling this endeavor with better self-care, like getting enough sleep, exercising (finally!) etc.) 

I thought I would have news to share in late January, but it seems that it will be later, maybe late March or early April. I’ll keep you posted.

But, I am happy to say that the positive energy and intention work is starting to have an effect ~ in the past few weeks, I’ve been contacted by a television production company and a podcast producer, both of whom are interested in using stories from TRUCKER GHOST STORIES for their shows. 

I was also invited by Tom Hush/WGN Radio in Chicago to appear on the Nick Digilio Show to discuss haunted highway ghost stories. 

I want to offer a belated but sincere big thank you to Nick Digilio and Tom Hush for a very fun interview last week.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a radio interview, but Nick was great to talk to.

I hope you enjoy our discussion of Chicago ghost legends, plus skinwalkers, demon hitchhikers, soldier ghosts, and other very scary true encounters from TRUCKER GHOST STORIES.…/nick-digilio-2-11-20-ghost-stories-…/