Getting ready for a private spirit message circle event tonight ~ always enjoy getting my house ready for guests, and generally can feel the spirits gathering as the start time draws near. I’ve said this before, but entertaining in a haunted house means nearly any kind of weather is perfect. Whether it’s sunny and pleasant, gray and still, windy and wild, a soft summer rain or a deluge ~ somehow, it all seems to add to the atmosphere!

The photo is of a vintage statue of Mary that I picked up from Goodwill for my parlor. I was drawn to it; it’s similar to the style that was popular when I was a kid. The color of Mary’s cloak is a shade of red that is coming into my life now, and is tied to an important dream I had a few years ago. (Will post that story that next week.)

Although tonight’s event is private, we still have a few spots available at next week’s SPIRTS, GHOSTS & GUIDES: A WHO’S WHO OF THE ASTRAL REALM event with Suzanne Worthley. Suzanne can see and communicate with spirits and is also an incredible energy worker. To give just one example, Suzanne tuned into the “downward pulling” energy of Leon’s former living room, which, when it was my bedroom, is the room in which I often had the odd and spooky sensation that I had sunk completely into the mattress during the night and had to “pull” myself out of it in the morning. A number of friends on Facebook wrote to tell me of experiencing a sinking feeling while standing or sitting in this room, too. At the event next week, I am going to ask Suzanne to tune into the Mary statue and see if she gets any energetic information from it. I also intend to ask if the spirit sisters like having the Mary statue in the parlor, as they were Catholic.

If you’d like to be learn more about ghosts and the astral world and be part of the fun with Suzanne, the spirits, and me, please email me by Sunday, June 14. (annie (at)




Beautiful Broom Art


Most people who’ve been to my house know how fond I am of brooms of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. To me, brooms symbolize hearth and home, feminine power, and magic — all good things!

I have a variety of handmade brooms on display throughout my house, each with its own interesting story or characteristic. One of my favorites is a broom made of cinnamon, given to me by my friends Jeanene and Butch Kleidon, of Conversations with Spirits, who have conducted a number of séances at my house. (You can find out more about Jeanene and Butch and the work they do at their website:

Last weekend, I hosted a special haunted birthday party for a new friend, Diana, who I met when she was here doing a spirit investigation of  my house as part of the group Things That Go Bump MN. (Find out more about TTGBMN on their website:


Diana and her husband brought gifts for me (which was incredibly sweet of them) including the fabulous broom pictured here. This lovely broom is made of broomcorn grown by Diana and her husband in their garden. Diana and her husband invited Dudley and me to their home this fall to help harvest this year’s crop of broomcorn and get a lesson on making my own broom — I’m SO REVVED about this! The other gifts Diana and her husband brought were equally thoughtful and perfect. I will post about them in the future as one ties into a very special dream I had.


My thanks to Diana and friends for being such awesome guests!



A Day to Celebrate Moms, Caregivers, and Earth Mothers


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and earth mothers out there, whether your creativity and caregiving skills are offered to children, animal companions, wild critters, bees, trees, flowers.


Wizard World Appearance


Had a lot of fun at Wizard World discussing The X-Files, the “Next-Files” and an assortment of freaky paranormal/conspiracy phenom, from Black-Eyed Kids to Slender Man to tulpas and Rawhead the Bloody Bones Man.



Moderator Aaron Sagers of Travel Channel’s Paranormal Papparazzi was great, my friends Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis from Darkness Radio were hilarious and talked about some really spooky local encounters, and I met another Minnesota author, the very cool Roxy Orcutt, aka the Halloween Honey.


Blog_WizardWorld_RoxyOrcuttBlog_WizardWorld_Panel_AnnieWilder_DaveSchraderLast and perhaps most important, the audience was engaged and knowledgeable and had some excellent questions. My thanks to Dave Schrader and Aaron Sagers for inviting me to be part of this event!



May Day Crow


Happy May Day, everyone!

Having a small Beltane Magic party tonight and was very happy to see a crow visitor at the birdbath today. I have been fascinated by crows for years ~ I’ve been working on, off and on for a long time, a short story that involves crows and magic. I have long wanted crows to come to my yard so I could learn about their habits in a direct way and not just by reading about them.

Also read a fascinating article earlier this year about a little girl who feeds crows and they bring her gifts. Since I’ve never noticed crows at our birdbath before the past few days, I put a small shiny necklace in the birdbath yesterday to see if they would take it. This morning, I saw one of the crows in the birdbath again and took these pictures. He didn’t take the necklace, but I saw something in the water and went out to take a closer look after he flew away. It was a bone! Not sure if this is a gift or if the crow was going to come back later and finish it. May Day magic? We shall see.


I put fresh water in the birdbath and left some bread for the crows, if the squirrels don’t get to it first.

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Wizard Weekend!

SO REVVED about this! I’ll be speaking at Wizard World this weekend with moderator Aaron Sagers of Travel Channel’s Paranormal Paparazzi and buddies Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis of Darkness Radio. Our topic is “The Next Files” in which we’ll explore the latest and most bizarre reports in  paranormal encounters and culture.

Our session is Saturday at 5:30 p.m. CST at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Get all the details and ticket info here. Join us if you can!



Feng Shui Essentials in a Friendly Haunted House


My thanks to Feng Shui expert Lea Ann Paradise  and all of the fabulous guests who attended our Feng Shui class on Saturday. We got a lot of information on how to optimize the flow of energy in our environments to help make heartfelt dreams and specific goals come true.

Lea Ann ran an elemental chart for me based on Chinese astrology and I learned that I am strong in metal and earth energy, but for balance, I need more water, fire, and wood — particularly wood if I want to have more prosperity in my life! We also learned what shapes, colors, and materials would increase each element in our environment.

For example, for wood, I need to bring in or emphasize blues/greens and stripes/columns in my house. For water, I need to add or highlight mirrors, the color black, and wave-shaped or water-themed furniture or artwork (like boats or fish). Anyone who has been to my house knows that, except for the (leafy) green walls of the guest room and Dudley’s office, I have very little green or blue in my color-filled house.

I do have a sailboat sculpture that a young family member gave me years ago in our “adventure” room, a lily pad water pond scene in the upstairs bath, a lily pad and koi bench on the staircase landing, a conch shell in the parlor and some pretty shells in the guest room. (I believe that in a recent past life, I drowned in a violent storm in the ocean; perhaps this is why the water colors and themes in my home are subdued and serene.)

I am going to make some of the changes Lea Ann suggested, and will document them in my blog in occasional posts, as well as any changes I experience in my life that may be the result of Feng Shui.

Also, I did make  a few changes before the class. I replaced the small, no-longer-working  airplane-on-a-string in the adventure room, with the intention of going an exotic trip in this year or next! (Our last trip, to Cuba, was in 2012.) I also scraped the peeling paint off the front porch, and will prime it and add a fresh coat of paint when the weather warms up. The intention with the porch was to improve the appearance of our home, create more positive energy inside and out, and generate more income to make other needed home improvements.

Will keep you posted on what happens!


Spirits in the Bedroom


The spirits are restless this week.

Woke up last night around three o’clock to a few knocking sounds in our room. I telepathically sent out the question, “Leon, is that you?” and heard one more light knock, over by the radiator.

The previous night I woke up around the same time (which is the time of night the spirits have always been most active here) and heard what sounded like a young girl making light sleep sounds ~ kind of a soft, high-pitched “huh… huhhh….huh.” At first I thought it might be Dudley (which would have been odd) but realized the sound was coming from the corner of the room, by the bookshelves and radiator.

I actually got a little spooked by this, as I have been re-reading books by UFO contactee Stan Romanek and his wife Lisa. Stan has many, many abduction experiences and like most abductees, he is usually taken from his bedroom at night. Both Stan and Lisa talk about alien hybrid children in their books, a concept that I find profoundly unsettling. (Stan and Lisa visited my house some years ago and yes, some VERY strange stuff happened. I did post about it at the time but will repost or retell the story next week.)

Back to the little voice in our room. We do have one cat who snores, though Fluffy’s snoring sounds like little breaths, not a voice. I had almost convinced myself that it was Fluffy snoring like a child ~ till I looked down beside my nightstand and saw her in her usual sleeping spot. I even reached down to feel Fluffy’s fur and make sure it was her. It was. I considered sitting up and peering into the corner, but decided I’d rather just stay right where I was, under the covers, with Dudley beside me. He told me the next morning I could have woken him, which (strangely) did not occur to me.

Book Club at the Cannon River Winery


Met this great group of women last week when they invited me to speak at their book club. (Love their meeting room ~ the Cannon River Winery, a local, award-winning winery.)

On Saturday, the book club women came to tea, and the very engaging discussions/tea talk ranged from spirits and hauntings to dreams to herbal medicine and shamanic healing. One reason I love hosting tea parties is that I always come away with new stories and knowledge. It was also fun to share house stories with guests who had just read my book, and were interested to see the rooms and locales in which all the ghost activity occurred.

The spirits were pretty quiet at this event. They did turn the radio volume up and down, so we had some sign of their presence. One correlation I have noted: the higher the energy level of the party (including my own) the more spirit activity we seem to have. I had a slight but persistent backache on Friday and Saturday, and wonder if my lower energy contributed to the lower spirit activity… I do believe, as someone who hosts a lot of events, that one of the most important resources a hostess can bring to a party is an abundance of positive energy.

My thanks to my friend Christina and the women in her book club!

Soap + Flowers = Positive Energy


Got a gift of natural homemade soaps from my friend Christina and have been intending to post about them for some time. I am sensitive to fragrances, but these soaps are really mellow and mild. And check out how perfect they are for my house:  The bar soap is named “Positive Energy” and the samples are “Under My Spell” (my favorite!) and “Santa’s Pipe,” which I found out last night has tobacco in it. (Certain that the hint of pipe tobacco fragrance appeals to Leon.) The soaps are available at:

In either spirit or cat news, the African violet in the picture has been moving! I’m kind of a control freak and keep everything in its neat and tidy place. I started to notice a week or so ago that the violet was often in a new corner of the woodbox. At first, I attributed this to me moving it when I watered it, but then I become very deliberate about putting it back in “its” corner. Twice since then, I have come into the room and found that the violet had wandered again! I believe it is possible that one of the cats is moving it, but it seems odd that it is always in the same new spot and has not ever tipped over. Also, I have not seen the cats paying attention to the African violets in the past.

I have been trying to learn more about the energetic correspondences of plants, so am planning to study up on African violets as something is drawing my attention to them!

And speaking of positive energy and spirits: We still have room for two or three more guests at the April 25th class, “Feng Shui Essentials in a Friendly Haunted House.” Join Lea Ann Paradise, me, and the house spirits and discover how to use Feng Shui to optimize YOUR home’s unique energy!  Details at the link below. Email me ( to sign up.