Noticed something unusual this morning when I walked past a mirror right after I got up ~ a large brown feather in my hair. It was sticking up from the back of my head, as though it were tucked into a headband and on display.

After an initial start(!); I laughed. Anyone who has read my books knows that feathers and birds have been portents in my life. The last time I came across a huge feather in an unexpected place (a big white feather that looked like a writing quill in my front yard), I was offered a job as a copywriter at Llewellyn.

So, I have something interesting to ponder today. The feather must have fallen from a dreamcatcher that is above my bed. I have been working with the friend who gave me the dreamcatcher on her just-completed manuscript, so it may be a sign about my friend or her book (a mystical, magical, and vivid fictionalized account of her life).

The feather might instead refer to new writing opportunities for me as, just yesterday, some new writing/consulting possibilities presented themselves via good friends.

Or it might just be that a feather fell from my dreamcatcher and happened to stick in my hair in a dramatic way. Will keep you posted!

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