Haunted Tea Party


Had a rare winter tea party for friends and the spirits were happy! I had been wondering if the energy of the day would be late-winter serene or rambunctious spring, and it was the latter!

To start off, Leon showed up even before the party began. This is unusual and made me really happy ~ I’ve been working on spirit communication and have asked the house spirits for help with my new book. Leon made his presence known by gently swinging the chandelier above the tea table. I noticed it moving just moments before the first guests arrived, as I was standing at the kitchen counter slicing lemons. (I hadn’t changed or lit the candles for the party and had not touched the chandelier for weeks.)

Seeing the swaying chandelier made me feel like Leon was letting me know the spirits were present and ready for fun. I looked again a few seconds later and noticed that one of chandelier crystals had been flipped over the rim! I laughed and thanked Leon and told him we’d start the tea party in the kitchen so I could tell the story. While gathered around the tea table, two of my tea party friends told stories of ghostly experiences they’ve had here in the past.

We moved into the parlor, and after about twenty minutes of talking about Leon and the house itself, I started to tell the story of the spirit sisters. I told my friends that the sisters have had trouble turning the seed poster door spotlight off and on in the past year, but that I hoped they would let us know they were present by blinking the spotlight if they could. Shortly after that, one of my guests, who was sitting in a swivel chair, said, “This chair is turning by itself! Does it always do that?” We all watched as the chair slowly turned with her in it, looking a little nervous. I told her that I had never seen or experienced the chair turning by itself.

Someone said something like, “What is it turning her toward?” or “What does it want her to see?” (I’m sorry; I can’t remember the exact words.)

The chair stopped turning when my guest was facing the seed poster door. (It had been facing me, and I was standing in the big kitchen doorway.) I said, “Everyone look at the seed poster door!” Seconds later, the seed poster door spotlight shut itself off. We all clapped and cheered; it was very dramatic and fun and we thanked the sisters. Later in the party, when we were elsewhere in the house, the light came back on and stayed on for the rest of the party.

Last note: One of the other guests had taken a video of some orbs in the basement. There were people talking in the background, and I believe she was also describing what she saw while the video recorded. The day after the party, my friend and her family (who were her tea party guests) were in one room of their own house when they heard voices coming from another room. They went to see what was going on, and discovered that the cell phone with the orb video was playing the video, even though the phone was off and no one was in the room!

We do always end parties and events with a smudging and blessing, but I have had reports of guests’ phones acting up for a day or so after a visit.






INFINITY in a Teacup ~ my new blog


Very pleased to announce that my new website is up! My thanks to friend Brian Sutherland for great design work and handling all the tech details. Thanks too, to my friend Brandi Benton, aka Internet Gal, for her help and expertise.

The new site, which is much more dynamic and personal than my former site, includes new sections that feature:
• Spirited Schoolhouse events
• Inkswiggler, my editing/publishing consulting business
• A place to sign up for Annie Wilder’s Spirit House Quarterly, my  free newsletter

You’ll also find excerpts, buying links, reviews, and press for all four of my books; videos and EVPs from my house (with more to come!); plus details on haunted tea parties. I’ll explore different sections of my website here in the next few weeks.

Last detail: I’m posting from my new blog, INFINITY in a Teacup. All blog posts will be shared on Facebook, so if that’s where you like to keep up on the latest news from my house, you can still do so.

I chose the name INFINITY in a Teacup for my blog because I thought it was a colorful and memorable way to convey the transcendent and strange aspects of living in a wonderful, magical old house, in which the spirits come and go and time seems to spiral around itself, while also honoring my “teapot on the stove and fresh flowers on the table” hobbit nature.

My next blog post will be about Saturday’s tea party, in which Leon made his presence known, and the spirit sisters did something completely new that delighted and shocked us all ~ please check back for details!



Topsy-Turvy March Energy


Yesterday’s breezy and mild-ish March-like weather seemed to signal movement, change.

Can feel March’s restless trickster energy throughout my house today, as a home project (restoring the finish on the summer kitchen sink) has the entire place off-kilter: Brooms and cat food in the living room, beeswax and winter boots in the office, our giant Christmas cactus sitting on the kitchen table.

Yesterday, I took down all the “winter” decorations, like snowflakes and holly berries, in order to welcome spring with colorful tulip cutouts on the front door and a bouquet for the table. Am hosting an off-season tea party this weekend for friends ~ it will be interesting to see if the house reverts to late-winter stillness or the rambunctious energy of early spring.

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Noticed something unusual this morning when I walked past a mirror right after I got up ~ a large brown feather in my hair. It was sticking up from the back of my head, as though it were tucked into a headband and on display.

After an initial start(!); I laughed. Anyone who has read my books knows that feathers and birds have been portents in my life. The last time I came across a huge feather in an unexpected place (a big white feather that looked like a writing quill in my front yard), I was offered a job as a copywriter at Llewellyn.

So, I have something interesting to ponder today. The feather must have fallen from a dreamcatcher that is above my bed. I have been working with the friend who gave me the dreamcatcher on her just-completed manuscript, so it may be a sign about my friend or her book (a mystical, magical, and vivid fictionalized account of her life).

The feather might instead refer to new writing opportunities for me as, just yesterday, some new writing/consulting possibilities presented themselves via good friends.

Or it might just be that a feather fell from my dreamcatcher and happened to stick in my hair in a dramatic way. Will keep you posted!

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