Annie Wilder’s Haunted Tea Parties

Haunted Tea Parties

Come to a Haunted Tea Party at Annie’s Spirit-filled Victorian Home

  • Tea season runs from May 1 through October 31 each year.
  • Teas are generally held on Saturdays 2 – 4:30 PM. Other days  and evening teas (7 – 9:30 PM) are possible too, for an additional fee.
  • There is an ten-guest minimum for parties, but we can add individuals or smaller groups together to make a party of ten to twelve guests.

January 2017
Note from AnnieI am taking a sabbatical from tea parties and spirited events in 2017 and 2018 to focus on helping my husband heal after a serious health crisis. (The image on the left is Dudley on our trip to Peru in 2007.) I hope and expect to be back with a full schedule of Annie Wilder’s Haunted Tea Parties and Spirited Schoolhouse events in 2019.

We look forward to seeing you in 2019 ~ Annie and the spirits

Reservations and payment must be made in advance.

To schedule a party and pay for admission via check , Square/Square Cash, or PayPal, please email Annie at this address:



The cost is $35.00 per guest for Saturday afternoon teas ($40.00 per guest for evening teas).

Annie Wilder’s s Haunted Tea Parties include a tour of Annie’s spirit-filled home, starting in the parlor and moving through the twists and turns of her magical old Victorian house, from the basement dirt room all the way up to the third floor attic, with true accounts of ghost and spirit-world encounters shared along the way. The tour concludes with everyone sitting down for a cup of mint tea and treats from Emily’s Bakery, then a farewell to the spirits with a brief sage circle.

Guests may try their hand at spirit communication, via dowsing rods and a pendulum. The house spirits are invited to every tea party and generally make their presence known in some way. (Please note that spirits have free will and may or may not come to tea.)

A copy of either House of Spirits and Whispers or Spirits Out of Time may be purchased at special discounted rates.

House of Spirits and Whispers ~ $14.00

Spirits Out of Time ~ $14.00

Trucker Ghost Stories ~ $12.00

Haunted teas are ideal for groups, such as a book club, birthday celebration, or a circle of friends.