Praise: Trucker Ghost Stories



Fortean Times
“Some real gems of weirdness … the whole thing is perfect for late night reading.”

Stan Campbell for
“For bunk-time reading, if you aren’t easily spooked, pick up a copy of Trucker Ghost Stories.”
“Who could be better sources for scary highway ghost stories than truckers? If you are a fan of the supernatural and would like read other truckers’ tales from the road, this might be a book you want to check out.”
“I recommend this collection of stories for those who like a good ghost story. It will give you something to think about or look out for the next time you are on a long road trip.”
“This is the perfect book to pick up and read a little at a time … but I liked it so much I finished it in two sittings!”
“It delivers what it advertises — a collection of ghost stories and other eerie happenings told by travelers stories along the roads. I recommend taking a look at Trucker Ghost Stories.”
“If you know anyone going to camp – these stories would be great to tell around the campfire.”
Who can resist first-hand experiences with the unknown, narrated by the people to whom they happened? [Trucker Ghost Stories] is a lot of fun.”
“Annie Wilder has done a great job. Anyone with an interest in the unexplained will definitely enjoy Trucker Ghost Stories. Grab it for a quick but satisfying paranormal read.”