Praise: House of Spirits and Whispers

House of Spirits and Whispers


2005 Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Finalist


Review by Lee Prosser
“For a fine reading experience, and another look at the paranormal and its secrets, Annie Wilder gives you a topnotch, first-rate journey into the unknown … splendid reading.”

Ghost! Magazine

“Gripping and reassuringly believable … House of Spirits and Whispers is a well-paced, engaging love story of a woman and a house — each spirited in its own way.”

Bite Me Magazine
“I was hooked … this led you in by the hand and kept you there.”

Mysteries Magazine
“[A] well-written and fascinating book.”
 — Janet Brennan, issue #13

Turning the Page
 Cincinnati Library
Posted by Mary Ann
“A fascinating memoir of living with ghosts … It’s a quick chilly read for a hot summer day — and you will never look at your cat the same way again…”

“Who doesn’t wish to discover the secrets of their home? … Right from the beginning, readers will be hooked. A fascinating tale, well told.”

Book Em!

Review by Eva Yaa Asantewaa
“Whether or not you believe in ghosts, you’ll enjoy House of Spirits and Whispers. It’s a pleasure to spend time with a good storyteller — one gifted with style, wit, and compassionate insight.”