Annie Wilder

“I can point to Annie Wilder as the most important person in my decision to write and publish books. She gave me the courage to move forward when I thought getting published was a pipe dream. Her guidance has been and continues to be invaluable. Annie provides honest advice on how to navigate the rough waters of publishing as only a veteran of the industry can. Plus, she gives you the straight scoop on your own work while encouraging you all the way.

“She is my most trusted advisor when it comes to the topic of publishing, so my advice to you is…hire her TODAY!”

— Jim Harold, creator of Paranormal Podcast and author of True Ghost Stories: Campfire 1, 2, + 3 (Campfires 2 + 3 were #1 Kindle Best-Sellers in the Supernatural & Unexplained Mysteries Categories in Fall 2013 and Fall 2014)



“I am not sure that Annie understands how much she impacted my life.  When I gave her the synopsis of Anatomy of a Haunting, it was she who insisted that I write it.  It was Annie who gave my synopsis to her agent to sell it, and when that didn’t work out, she stepped in and helped me get my manuscript in shape to query a publisher.

“When all that was done… she found a publisher that loved my book. I know that whatever she does, she will make an impact on the lives she touches. I wish Annie would consider being an agent. She is exactly what this industry needs.”

—Lee Strong, author of Anatomy of a Haunting



When I met Annie Wilder I was about half way through the process of writing my autobiography. I was discouraged and about give it up. She asked me to send her a chapter. I did. Her response was, ‘Keep writing, because you really have something!’  Her encouragement was inspirational.

“I now have a published book. I could not —I would not — have completed my book, The Ugly One in the Middle, had it not been for her encouragement and wise advice along the way. Annie Wilder’s superb knowledge and experience was what this aspiring author needed. Annie Wilder is streetwise and ‘book smart.’”

— Stan Campbell, creator of Trucker Radio and author of The Ugly One in the Middle



“I am in the process of completing my first book, which undoubtedly would have never made it past the dream stage if it weren’t for Annie and her professional help. As a completely unknown author, I had several mountains to climb as well as staying motivated about the project after more than a couple years of struggling.

“Annie was and is an incomparable source of knowledge, help, and support — at times, she was my prime motivator. Throughout my entire five-year project she always seemed to remember what phase I was in and looked ahead as to how she could be of help when I was ready for my next step. I will never be able to place a value on Annie’s help, on what she has done for my project and my newfound belief that there actually are people on this earth that really do care about another person’s success. Thank you, Annie, for everything.”

— Gary Gillespie, author of Chronicles of the Unexplained


“Annie Wilder gave me astute and excellent advice on marketing and publishing my tween fiction book The Beat on Ruby’s Street. She had an immediate grasp of the audience I was trying to reach, the kind of book I was writing and the historical era I was writing about. I consulted with her several times during my writing process and the responses always helped me to be more aware, more connected to what I was doing and more energized about my writing and publishing journey.

“I would highly and unequivocally recommend Annie’s services to anyone who is writing or considering writing a book— of any genre and for any age and audience.”

— Jenna Zark, author of The Beat on Ruby’s Street

“Annie Wilder is insightful, intelligent, and experienced. In the journey that we shared in creating my book, Annie guided the process that ultimately made my book the best that it could be. I am forever grateful for her many gifts and any author would be blessed and wise to hire her. ”

— Carol J. Murto, author of Soul Awareness: A Spiritual Awakening to Self–Knowledge and Healing