EVPs (Ghost Voices)

Links to EVPs recorded at my house in 2014 and hosted here on Soundcloud.

These EVPs were captured by two separate paranormal investigation groups, PRISM ( Paranormal Research and Investigations of Southern Minnesota) and TTGB-MN (Things That Go Bump Minnesota).

The EVPs below were captured on two separate visits in 2006 by NMPI (Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators). 

EVP #1

“See my home.” Or, is it “Leave me alone?” There’s some disagreement, but most people say they hear “Leave me alone.

EVP #2

“Somebody help me

EVP #3

Whispered “Annie.”

EVP #4

This EVP has a tangle of voices and noises. See if you can hear a
whispered voice saying, “We’ve become who you are.”

EVP #5

This EVP has a long delay (13 – 18 seconds) between the paranormal
investigator asking “what’s your name” and the ghost’s answer “Jack is his name.”
What I like about it is the very human response. Like the ghost who
answers (it sounds like a woman to me) doesn’t say HER own name — she
“helps” the ghost who doesn’t want to answer!

EVP# 6

“Don’t turn me into a book!”