Ghost & Investigation Videos

Annie Wilder

Séance in the Parlor ~ January, 2013
The seed poster door spotlight turning itself on at a séance held in the parlor in January, 2013.
No one was in the room at the time (we were on a tour of the house). I have to admit that even though I’ve witnessed this many times, it still gives me goosebumps. ~ Thanks to guest Kevin Swanson for providing this film clip!

Moons Over Hastings ~ Life to the Max show, 2016, with Annie Wilder Literary Agency clients (and friends) Christopher and Paulette Moon.

“Ghost Busters: The TIPS Crew Investigates Annie Wilder’s House” ~ Life to the Max Show, 2010

“A Haunted Gathering at Annie Wilder’s House with Greg Thunder from KS95 Radio” ~ Life to the Max Show, 2009

“House of Spirits” ~ Life to the Max show, 2008

“Audition in the Parlor” ~ Audition for Tru TV, 2008