Spirits in the Bedroom


The spirits are restless this week.

Woke up last night around three o’clock to a few knocking sounds in our room. I telepathically sent out the question, “Leon, is that you?” and heard one more light knock, over by the radiator.

The previous night I woke up around the same time (which is the time of night the spirits have always been most active here) and heard what sounded like a young girl making light sleep sounds ~ kind of a soft, high-pitched “huh… huhhh….huh.” At first I thought it might be Dudley (which would have been odd) but realized the sound was coming from the corner of the room, by the bookshelves and radiator.

I actually got a little spooked by this, as I have been re-reading books by UFO contactee Stan Romanek and his wife Lisa. Stan has many, many abduction experiences and like most abductees, he is usually taken from his bedroom at night. Both Stan and Lisa talk about alien hybrid children in their books, a concept that I find profoundly unsettling. (Stan and Lisa visited my house some years ago and yes, some VERY strange stuff happened. I did post about it at the time but will repost or retell the story next week.)

Back to the little voice in our room. We do have one cat who snores, though Fluffy’s snoring sounds like little breaths, not a voice. I had almost convinced myself that it was Fluffy snoring like a child ~ till I looked down beside my nightstand and saw her in her usual sleeping spot. I even reached down to feel Fluffy’s fur and make sure it was her. It was. I considered sitting up and peering into the corner, but decided I’d rather just stay right where I was, under the covers, with Dudley beside me. He told me the next morning I could have woken him, which (strangely) did not occur to me.