Darkness Radio/Haunted Palmer House Event, July 24 ~ 26th


Looking forward to seeing my friends Dave Schrader, Tim Dennis, and the Army of Darkness at tomorrow’s Haunted Palmer House event in Sauk Centre, Minnesota!

My talk is entitled: “Ghosts and Peculiar Astral Beings I Have Met.” I love Darkness Radio events because Dave and Tim are a lot of fun and their fans are super engaged, friendly, and knowledgeable.

You can find out more at the link below.

Also, check my blog next Monday for a BIG announcement! This is actually something I’ve been working on for awhile and I am really excited about it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


End of Days Radio Interview


Here’s a link to my interview with Michael and Daniel from End of Days Radio. It was a lot of fun being on this show ~ somewhat unexpectedly, the spirit sisters were very active with the seed poster door light during the interview. (Generally, the spirit sisters are most responsive to teenage girls and the buoyant, almost boisterous energy of groups of women who know each other well and are ready for fun and a new experience.) Michael and Daniel are young men, but there was some sort of resonance between them and the spirit sisters. They were very courteous and respectful, which the spirit sisters appreciate.

One of the End of Days listeners called in during the show with a question regarding the energy grid. Like me, she is able to see an energy grid of moving light. She sent me an email detailing her experiences. With her permission, I’ll share some of her experiences in future blog posts.

My thanks to Michael and Daniel and the End of Days Radio audience!


Mediumship Messages from Your Companion Animals ~ August 2



Receive messages from your animal companions and guides, both here and in spirit!

Join us in the parlor on Sunday, August 2nd, for a fascinating and fun mediumship session with psychic Janice Carlson. Have you ever wondered what your companion animal was thinking ~ or what he or she would ask you if they could speak? Most of us who love our animal friends have a strong bond already; this event is an opportunity to ask questions, clarify communication, and gain insight into your animal companion. Along with individual messages for each guest from his or her companion animal here or on the other side, Janice will present tips on how to talk with your pets in spirit taken from her latest book, Soul Sensing: How to Communicate With Your Deceased Loved Ones. (That ‘s Janice with her pal BuzzBee in the photo above.)

 Here’s what I posted on Facebook after my private session with Janice last year: 

Janice did a reading for me recently in which she connected with our dog Cherry, who crossed over last year.

The reading was very moving and meaningful to me. Among the many things Janice told me that resonated: Cherry appreciated the “soft sandwiches with cheese” that I gave her in her last years (that would be the countless bites of stuffed crust pizza that I shared with Cherry when we knew her days were drawing to a close); Cherry said we helped her a lot going up and down stairs (we did); and Janice sensed that Cherry was a very sweet soul whose first reaction to anything new was often fear, but she would usually overcome it. (It was and she did)

Also interesting thing was that Janice picked up on how terrified Cherry was of storms and that she didn’t want to go in our basement (which is true ~ I had completely forgotten about it). Janice said Cherry didn’t like the basement steps, but more than that, someone had died in the basement and Cherry sensed it and didn’t want to be around that energy. (I will see if Janice can elaborate more on who died in the basement at the event.) The reading with Cherry was very special and made me appreciate and miss our sweet dog.


This session was very comforting to me and helped me reach a sense of closure about Cherry. Please note: This event is a group event. If you would prefer a private session with Janice, you may schedule one by visiting her website.

Mediumship Messages from Your Companion Animals
Sunday, August 2, 2015
1:00 – 3:00 pm
Annie Wilder’s  house in Hastings, Minnesota
(The address will be emailed to participants after registration.)

Reservations and payment must be made in advance.

To reserve a spot and pay for admission via check, Square/Square Cash, or PayPal, please email Annie at this address:



Coffee and treats from Emily’s Bakery will be served.

About Janice Carlson:
During her over 20 years of doing professional mediumship work, Janice Carlson has communicated with almost every kind of pet, from horses to parakeets. You can learn more about Janice and her book, Soul Sensing, which shares the fascinating story of her lifelong work with the spirit world, at JaniceCarlson.com.

An Odd, Spooky Moment One Night Last Week


I promised to tell this story and the rainy and windy-wild weather of the past 24 hours makes tonight seem like the perfect time.

A week or so ago, there was a night in which I was home alone until around midnight. I didn’t think twice about being home alone, since I am usually not afraid in my house. At some point in the evening, I got the distinct impression that the spirit sisters wanted to communicate with me and that their message was that I was going to start seeing spirits again. (It has been a few years since I’ve seen a full-blown spirit or astral being, rather than just seeing streaks of light or darkness.) I thanked the spirit sisters and hoped that I would get a dream visit from them or possibly from Leon.

By the time I was upstairs taking out my contacts, my mind was on other things ~ that is, until I heard a loud, strange moan coming from what sounded like less than 10 or 15 feet away from me. It actually sounded like the exaggerated ghostly moaning often featured on the Scooby Doo show, when some (human) villain was trying to sound like a ghost.

Fear shot through my body as a flash of heat, than I got goosebumps so quickly I literally shivered ~ my reaction was immediate and physical. I actually thought Dudley or someone was in the house  trying to scare me so I searched through the rooms upstairs. I even looked under the bed, thinking if someone was under there, it would take them longer to get out from such a tight spot then it would take me to run out of the house. But there was no one there.

Just then, Dudley texted that he’d be home in a few minutes. Which helped me stay calm when, a few minutes later, I heard cheerful whistling coming from the corner of my room.

When Dudley got home, I told him what had happened. He said he was surprised I was brave enough to look under the bed. I told him my theory about being able to move faster than someone wedged in the smallish space between the bed and the floor. He said, “But what if it had been a ghost under the bed?”

I have to admit, that possibility had not occurred to me. I’ve lived in a spirit-filled house for more than 20 years and it never crossed my mind that a ghost might be hanging out under the bed. And now I have to NOT think of it, or I’ll never get a decent night’s sleep again ~ Gee, thanks honey! I am happy to report that, except for my iPhone issuing an unexpected flash flood warning this morning at 2 a.m., (or was it 3 a.m.?) the nights since then have been pretty peaceful.


(The photo accompanying this post was taken by a young friend at her house during a storm early this spring. I thought it was such a powerful image, I asked  for permission to use it, which she and her parents graciously granted.)





Report from the Spirits, Ghosts & Guides Event with Suzanne Worthley


The spirits were in the house and the guests were tuning in to them at last week’s Spirits, Ghosts & Guides: A Who’s Who of the Astral World event with energy practitioner Suzanne Worthley.

Our guests were almost all people who knew Suzanne, or me, or both of us. They were bright, curious, and ready to have fun ~ the best kind of energy to bring when learning about and interacting with the spirit world!

Suzanne taught about the difference between spirits and ghosts, whether or not there are faeries and elementals (Yes! for the faerie fans out there), and how to respectfully and safely communicate with the spirit world. She talked about chakras, auras, and the specific process of spirits entering a physical body at the beginning of life and leaving one at the end of life.

On our tour, the guests were amazing, sensing scenes or emotions from the past that Suzanne and I were often able to verify. In Leon’s former living room (at the back of the house) a few women picked up on a feeling sadness and isolation. Another saw a clothesline with freshly laundered linens and said she felt a sense of contentment.

Many guests over the years have tuned into the room’s quiet sadness, but the image of a clothesline and linens was new to me. Suzanne tuned in, and then asked me, “Is there a clothesline in back?” (There was a working clothesline in the backyard when we moved in, which was hidden by our spruce tress for many years. This spring, we had to cut down the trees because they were growing into the power line. We plan to restring the clothesline poles and use it again.) Suzanne said she saw Leon looking out the window at freshly laundered linens and feeling a sense of satisfaction and simple joy.

One of the things I love to do is imagine what my house was like in the past — 50, 75, even 100 or more years ago. It resonated with me that, especially in his last years here, Leon might have enjoyed sitting down to take a break on a summer day and watching the clean white bed sheets waving in the breeze.

The image I am using with this post was taken one night this past week, when the bats were swooping around the house, a train rumbled by with a politely muted nighttime whistle, and a rambunctious wind lifted tree branches and rattled the house decorations. Maybe in 50 or 100 years, someone will tune into my moment of appreciation for the bats and the wind and the train.

My thanks to Suzanne Worthley, the house spirits, and our wonderful guests for a great evening!

Report from the Spirit Message Circle


Thursday night’s spirit message circle was awesome ~ the guests were great~ happy, courteous and curious; the spirit messages were relevant and moving; and the house spirits were active. There was also a strange connection to a certain shade of red that I had just posted about that morning ~ more on that in a moment. We heard knocking in the wall, three of us saw a flash of light go through the parlor, and (SO happy about this!) the spirit sisters were BACK, turning the seed poster door spotlight off and on several times throughout the evening.

Our guest medium was amazing. Can’t mention his name, as his current employer (in a job that he loves) may not be comfortable with his mediumship work and I don’t want to put him in a difficult position. One of my favorite messages of the evening was for my poet friend Klecko, whose sharp-dressed Polish grandpa came through, flicking his Zippo lighter, with a message of very cool creative experiences on the horizon. The medium even picked up on the stylin’ vehicle Klecko’s grandpa had driven. (A ’69 Lincoln Continental, with leather upholstery and suicide doors, according to Klecko.) Klecko brought along his friend Carol Connolly, poet laureate of St. Paul and longtime columnist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. I am very proud to say that my second-ever piece of fan mail came from Carol Connolly, back in the 90s, when I wrote a piece on the challenges of dating for Pulse newspaper. I was thrilled to have two fellow writers of such stature attend the spirit message circle.

As for the color red that I mentioned earlier ~ it came up in my message for the night. The medium told me that an old man spirit from across the street, who in life had been a sort of cantankerous friend of Leon’s, was asking Leon, the spirit sisters, and me for helping in healing the land behind his house. The medium got up and pointed across the street, saying, “See the red barn or garage behind that house? That’s where he’s talking about.” As soon as he said red and I saw what shade of red it was, I said, “I just posted this morning about this shade of red coming into my life!”

The red color in question is the same hue as Mary’s gown as well as the color of a pendulum that my magical friend Diana gave me last month. (Pictured above.) I selected this pendulum from the many choices Diana offered because it is the same shade of red as the quartz walls in a dream visit I had from Leon in which he revealed the existence of a major underground portal into my house. Now, years later, when I get a request to help heal my neighbor’s land, this shade of red is back, a unifying element in both the healing tools and the location that needs a helping hand. I love it when things come together in this way.








Getting ready for a private spirit message circle event tonight ~ always enjoy getting my house ready for guests, and generally can feel the spirits gathering as the start time draws near. I’ve said this before, but entertaining in a haunted house means nearly any kind of weather is perfect. Whether it’s sunny and pleasant, gray and still, windy and wild, a soft summer rain or a deluge ~ somehow, it all seems to add to the atmosphere!

The photo is of a vintage statue of Mary that I picked up from Goodwill for my parlor. I was drawn to it; it’s similar to the style that was popular when I was a kid. The color of Mary’s cloak is a shade of red that is coming into my life now, and is tied to an important dream I had a few years ago. (Will post that story that next week.)

Although tonight’s event is private, we still have a few spots available at next week’s SPIRTS, GHOSTS & GUIDES: A WHO’S WHO OF THE ASTRAL REALM event with Suzanne Worthley. Suzanne can see and communicate with spirits and is also an incredible energy worker. To give just one example, Suzanne tuned into the “downward pulling” energy of Leon’s former living room, which, when it was my bedroom, is the room in which I often had the odd and spooky sensation that I had sunk completely into the mattress during the night and had to “pull” myself out of it in the morning. A number of friends on Facebook wrote to tell me of experiencing a sinking feeling while standing or sitting in this room, too. At the event next week, I am going to ask Suzanne to tune into the Mary statue and see if she gets any energetic information from it. I also intend to ask if the spirit sisters like having the Mary statue in the parlor, as they were Catholic.

If you’d like to be learn more about ghosts and the astral world and be part of the fun with Suzanne, the spirits, and me, please email me by Sunday, June 14. (annie (at) anniewilder.com)




Beautiful Broom Art


Most people who’ve been to my house know how fond I am of brooms of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. To me, brooms symbolize hearth and home, feminine power, and magic — all good things!

I have a variety of handmade brooms on display throughout my house, each with its own interesting story or characteristic. One of my favorites is a broom made of cinnamon, given to me by my friends Jeanene and Butch Kleidon, of Conversations with Spirits, who have conducted a number of séances at my house. (You can find out more about Jeanene and Butch and the work they do at their website: www.askspirits.com.)

Last weekend, I hosted a special haunted birthday party for a new friend, Diana, who I met when she was here doing a spirit investigation of  my house as part of the group Things That Go Bump MN. (Find out more about TTGBMN on their website: www.thingsthatgobumpmn.com.)


Diana and her husband brought gifts for me (which was incredibly sweet of them) including the fabulous broom pictured here. This lovely broom is made of broomcorn grown by Diana and her husband in their garden. Diana and her husband invited Dudley and me to their home this fall to help harvest this year’s crop of broomcorn and get a lesson on making my own broom — I’m SO REVVED about this! The other gifts Diana and her husband brought were equally thoughtful and perfect. I will post about them in the future as one ties into a very special dream I had.


My thanks to Diana and friends for being such awesome guests!



A Day to Celebrate Moms, Caregivers, and Earth Mothers


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and earth mothers out there, whether your creativity and caregiving skills are offered to children, animal companions, wild critters, bees, trees, flowers.


Wizard World Appearance


Had a lot of fun at Wizard World discussing The X-Files, the “Next-Files” and an assortment of freaky paranormal/conspiracy phenom, from Black-Eyed Kids to Slender Man to tulpas and Rawhead the Bloody Bones Man.



Moderator Aaron Sagers of Travel Channel’s Paranormal Papparazzi was great, my friends Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis from Darkness Radio were hilarious and talked about some really spooky local encounters, and I met another Minnesota author, the very cool Roxy Orcutt, aka the Halloween Honey.


Blog_WizardWorld_RoxyOrcuttBlog_WizardWorld_Panel_AnnieWilder_DaveSchraderLast and perhaps most important, the audience was engaged and knowledgeable and had some excellent questions. My thanks to Dave Schrader and Aaron Sagers for inviting me to be part of this event!