Beautiful Broom Art


Most people who’ve been to my house know how fond I am of brooms of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. To me, brooms symbolize hearth and home, feminine power, and magic — all good things!

I have a variety of handmade brooms on display throughout my house, each with its own interesting story or characteristic. One of my favorites is a broom made of cinnamon, given to me by my friends Jeanene and Butch Kleidon, of Conversations with Spirits, who have conducted a number of séances at my house. (You can find out more about Jeanene and Butch and the work they do at their website:

Last weekend, I hosted a special haunted birthday party for a new friend, Diana, who I met when she was here doing a spirit investigation of  my house as part of the group Things That Go Bump MN. (Find out more about TTGBMN on their website:


Diana and her husband brought gifts for me (which was incredibly sweet of them) including the fabulous broom pictured here. This lovely broom is made of broomcorn grown by Diana and her husband in their garden. Diana and her husband invited Dudley and me to their home this fall to help harvest this year’s crop of broomcorn and get a lesson on making my own broom — I’m SO REVVED about this! The other gifts Diana and her husband brought were equally thoughtful and perfect. I will post about them in the future as one ties into a very special dream I had.


My thanks to Diana and friends for being such awesome guests!



A Day to Celebrate Moms, Caregivers, and Earth Mothers


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and earth mothers out there, whether your creativity and caregiving skills are offered to children, animal companions, wild critters, bees, trees, flowers.


Wizard World Appearance


Had a lot of fun at Wizard World discussing The X-Files, the “Next-Files” and an assortment of freaky paranormal/conspiracy phenom, from Black-Eyed Kids to Slender Man to tulpas and Rawhead the Bloody Bones Man.



Moderator Aaron Sagers of Travel Channel’s Paranormal Papparazzi was great, my friends Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis from Darkness Radio were hilarious and talked about some really spooky local encounters, and I met another Minnesota author, the very cool Roxy Orcutt, aka the Halloween Honey.


Blog_WizardWorld_RoxyOrcuttBlog_WizardWorld_Panel_AnnieWilder_DaveSchraderLast and perhaps most important, the audience was engaged and knowledgeable and had some excellent questions. My thanks to Dave Schrader and Aaron Sagers for inviting me to be part of this event!



May Day Crow


Happy May Day, everyone!

Having a small Beltane Magic party tonight and was very happy to see a crow visitor at the birdbath today. I have been fascinated by crows for years ~ I’ve been working on, off and on for a long time, a short story that involves crows and magic. I have long wanted crows to come to my yard so I could learn about their habits in a direct way and not just by reading about them.

Also read a fascinating article earlier this year about a little girl who feeds crows and they bring her gifts. Since I’ve never noticed crows at our birdbath before the past few days, I put a small shiny necklace in the birdbath yesterday to see if they would take it. This morning, I saw one of the crows in the birdbath again and took these pictures. He didn’t take the necklace, but I saw something in the water and went out to take a closer look after he flew away. It was a bone! Not sure if this is a gift or if the crow was going to come back later and finish it. May Day magic? We shall see.


I put fresh water in the birdbath and left some bread for the crows, if the squirrels don’t get to it first.

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Feng Shui Essentials in a Friendly Haunted House


My thanks to Feng Shui expert Lea Ann Paradise  and all of the fabulous guests who attended our Feng Shui class on Saturday. We got a lot of information on how to optimize the flow of energy in our environments to help make heartfelt dreams and specific goals come true.

Lea Ann ran an elemental chart for me based on Chinese astrology and I learned that I am strong in metal and earth energy, but for balance, I need more water, fire, and wood — particularly wood if I want to have more prosperity in my life! We also learned what shapes, colors, and materials would increase each element in our environment.

For example, for wood, I need to bring in or emphasize blues/greens and stripes/columns in my house. For water, I need to add or highlight mirrors, the color black, and wave-shaped or water-themed furniture or artwork (like boats or fish). Anyone who has been to my house knows that, except for the (leafy) green walls of the guest room and Dudley’s office, I have very little green or blue in my color-filled house.

I do have a sailboat sculpture that a young family member gave me years ago in our “adventure” room, a lily pad water pond scene in the upstairs bath, a lily pad and koi bench on the staircase landing, a conch shell in the parlor and some pretty shells in the guest room. (I believe that in a recent past life, I drowned in a violent storm in the ocean; perhaps this is why the water colors and themes in my home are subdued and serene.)

I am going to make some of the changes Lea Ann suggested, and will document them in my blog in occasional posts, as well as any changes I experience in my life that may be the result of Feng Shui.

Also, I did make  a few changes before the class. I replaced the small, no-longer-working  airplane-on-a-string in the adventure room, with the intention of going an exotic trip in this year or next! (Our last trip, to Cuba, was in 2012.) I also scraped the peeling paint off the front porch, and will prime it and add a fresh coat of paint when the weather warms up. The intention with the porch was to improve the appearance of our home, create more positive energy inside and out, and generate more income to make other needed home improvements.

Will keep you posted on what happens!