Sara Wiseman’s book ~ Messages from the Divine

I am thrilled to announce that my friend and Annie Wilder Literary Agency client Sara Wiseman’s book “Messages from the Divine,” is being released today* from Atria/Beyond Words (Simon and Schuster).

Sara is an award-winning author and a lovely person in every way. Her books are uplifting and empowering, offering clear, simple ways for people to tune into the divine guidance that is always there for us.

Reading Sara’s manuscript for “Messages from the Divine” last year (during one of the toughest periods in my life) inspired a genuine sense of hope and strength ~ I love this book and believe it is a powerful tool for transformation.

You can find out more on Sara’s website.


Congratulations, Sara!






(*Posted on Facebook May 15, 2018. Posting it on my blog for the first now.)  

Ghost Box

Very pleased with this St. Paul Pioneer Press front page review of GHOST BOX, a true account written by Chris and Paulette Moon.










Chris and Paulette are my friends as well as Annie Wilder Literary Agency clients.












(This review ran in 2017. Posting it on my blog for the first time now.)