Had a great visit this weekend with my trucker friend and fellow author Gary Gillespie and his wife Kim. Gary contributed three great stories to TRUCKER GHOST STORIES and, just last month, released his own very cool book of true ghost stories and paranormal encounters, CHRONICLES OF THE UNEXPLAINED.


I’ve been working (as a friend) with Gary for the past few years on publishing process consults and a bit of editing help, plus I wrote the foreword for his book, but this was the first time we actually met. He and Kim are awesome people and we were happy to finally meet in person. 

Gary has been interviewed on Coast to Coast AM, Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast, and Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader and Tom Dennis, among other shows. If you have not yet had a chance to do so, please check out CHRONICLES OF THE UNEXPLAINED, Gary’s book of true ghost stories and paranormal encounters.…/…/0738745383

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Darkness Radio/Haunted Palmer House Event, July 24 ~ 26th


Looking forward to seeing my friends Dave Schrader, Tim Dennis, and the Army of Darkness at tomorrow’s Haunted Palmer House event in Sauk Centre, Minnesota!

My talk is entitled: “Ghosts and Peculiar Astral Beings I Have Met.” I love Darkness Radio events because Dave and Tim are a lot of fun and their fans are super engaged, friendly, and knowledgeable.

You can find out more at the link below.

Also, check my blog next Monday for a BIG announcement! This is actually something I’ve been working on for awhile and I am really excited about it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!palmer-house-event-2015—july/c1yr8

End of Days Radio Interview


Here’s a link to my interview with Michael and Daniel from End of Days Radio. It was a lot of fun being on this show ~ somewhat unexpectedly, the spirit sisters were very active with the seed poster door light during the interview. (Generally, the spirit sisters are most responsive to teenage girls and the buoyant, almost boisterous energy of groups of women who know each other well and are ready for fun and a new experience.) Michael and Daniel are young men, but there was some sort of resonance between them and the spirit sisters. They were very courteous and respectful, which the spirit sisters appreciate.

One of the End of Days listeners called in during the show with a question regarding the energy grid. Like me, she is able to see an energy grid of moving light. She sent me an email detailing her experiences. With her permission, I’ll share some of her experiences in future blog posts.

My thanks to Michael and Daniel and the End of Days Radio audience!

Report from the Spirits, Ghosts & Guides Event with Suzanne Worthley


The spirits were in the house and the guests were tuning in to them at last week’s Spirits, Ghosts & Guides: A Who’s Who of the Astral World event with energy practitioner Suzanne Worthley.

Our guests were almost all people who knew Suzanne, or me, or both of us. They were bright, curious, and ready to have fun ~ the best kind of energy to bring when learning about and interacting with the spirit world!

Suzanne taught about the difference between spirits and ghosts, whether or not there are faeries and elementals (Yes! for the faerie fans out there), and how to respectfully and safely communicate with the spirit world. She talked about chakras, auras, and the specific process of spirits entering a physical body at the beginning of life and leaving one at the end of life.

On our tour, the guests were amazing, sensing scenes or emotions from the past that Suzanne and I were often able to verify. In Leon’s former living room (at the back of the house) a few women picked up on a feeling sadness and isolation. Another saw a clothesline with freshly laundered linens and said she felt a sense of contentment.

Many guests over the years have tuned into the room’s quiet sadness, but the image of a clothesline and linens was new to me. Suzanne tuned in, and then asked me, “Is there a clothesline in back?” (There was a working clothesline in the backyard when we moved in, which was hidden by our spruce tress for many years. This spring, we had to cut down the trees because they were growing into the power line. We plan to restring the clothesline poles and use it again.) Suzanne said she saw Leon looking out the window at freshly laundered linens and feeling a sense of satisfaction and simple joy.

One of the things I love to do is imagine what my house was like in the past — 50, 75, even 100 or more years ago. It resonated with me that, especially in his last years here, Leon might have enjoyed sitting down to take a break on a summer day and watching the clean white bed sheets waving in the breeze.

The image I am using with this post was taken one night this past week, when the bats were swooping around the house, a train rumbled by with a politely muted nighttime whistle, and a rambunctious wind lifted tree branches and rattled the house decorations. Maybe in 50 or 100 years, someone will tune into my moment of appreciation for the bats and the wind and the train.

My thanks to Suzanne Worthley, the house spirits, and our wonderful guests for a great evening!

Wizard Weekend!

SO REVVED about this! I’ll be speaking at Wizard World this weekend with moderator Aaron Sagers of Travel Channel’s Paranormal Paparazzi and buddies Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis of Darkness Radio. Our topic is “The Next Files” in which we’ll explore the latest and most bizarre reports in  paranormal encounters and culture.

Our session is Saturday at 5:30 p.m. CST at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Get all the details and ticket info here. Join us if you can!