Winter Solstice Eve, 2018

I want to wish everyone a happy winter solstice and a peaceful and blessed holiday season. 

This photo is from last night. The winter blue night sky and rustling oak leaves reminded me how magical this world can be. Even the short time I spent outside was very restorative.

This has been a challenging couple of years, with the stroke Dudley experienced, saying goodbye to my dad and also to two of our friends. Just in the past three weeks, we learned of a family member and three friends who are facing very difficult health situations or loss. Maybe that’s why a “longest night” picture seemed fitting this year. 

Dudley and I meditate in the parlor nearly every day around dusk, sending healing energy out to people we care about and to the world. 

Tonight, we are planning to write down some of our dreams for 2019. I will be offering spirited events in 2019; it’s time. I miss this work and all of you and I believe my house and the spirits miss it as well. 

Bright blessings to you this holiday season and in 2019.

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