New Year’s Day, 2020

New Year’s Day, 2020.

Ah, it’s still New Year’s Day up till midnight, right, even if the sun has set and the moon is a soft glow behind winter nighttime clouds?

I am writing to wish you all good things in 2020 and to let you know that I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening as far as spirited events and (maybe) haunted tea parties and (possibly) an airbnb at our new house in Red Wing. I expect to know more by the end of January.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you this picture of the seed poster door in our new dining room. Leon’s coffee can safe, the conch shell from the parlor, and a homemade table and bench from our old house are here too, along with Leon’s old rotary phone and a great old sewing machine that belonged to Gertrude’s sister Liz. (Gertrude and Liz and their parents lived in the house for more than two decades before Leo.)

May 2020 bring bright blessings to our world.