An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying

I have always loved the wild and windy days of March. March energy fills me with hope ~ starting with the first muddy patches in the sunny spots in the yard, the smell of wet earth, picking up sticks and branches and bits of junk that made their way onto the boulevard… the relief that another Minnesota winter is over or nearly over and the sense of possibility, of color and fragrance and warmth returning.

This March is more complicated, but the underlying energy of the season is still present and available for support and inspiration. I highly encourage everyone to keep this in mind as a source of strength and a way to ground and balance one’s energy.

Also on the topic of energy: I’m also posting today to say I’m very pleased to announce a book release by my good friend of many years and Annie Wilder Literary Agency client Suzanne Worthley.

Suzanne’s book is An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying (Findhorn Press). Many of you have met Suzanne at haunted tea parties or tours of my house.Suzanne’s book looks at the process of dying from an energy standpoint ~ what is happening with the chakras and aura, what the dying person may be seeing and feeling, what family and friends can do to help. It includes accounts from Suzanne’s professional hospice care work that illustrate in a personal way each level of the dying process. I found Suzanne’s book to be absolutely fascinating and positive, from the first time I read the manuscript.

Here’s a description from the Inner Traditions/Findhorn website:

In this compassionate guidebook to the nine energetic levels of the dying process, intuitive energy worker Suzanne Worthley reveals what is happening energetically during each stage of the transition back to spirit, including what the dying person may see and experience and how to provide support during any phase of losing a loved one.

You can learn more about Suzanne and her classes and events on her website:


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