Gifts From the Backyard


I’ve been working out in the yard for the past few days, spending most of the day outside from right after breakfast till past the time when I would usually eat supper.
This is one of the patterns of spring for me; I am so happy and feel so restored by being out in the beautiful, budding and blossoming world that I don’t want to stop to eat or tend to indoor tasks ~ it is only the darkness that sends me back in the house; when there is no longer enough light for me to plant or dig or trim. Part of what I love about this time of year in Minnesota are the colors ~ the lush and soft green grass, the vivid pinks of the redbud blossoms and clean white petals of the plum tree blossoms, especially when set against a slate gray May sky.
This year, along with the gift of inner peace and a deep sense of gratitude for our beautiful planet, my backyard surprised me with an abundance of cheery and hardy violets (one of my favorite flowers) that popped up in last year’s tiny buckwheat field. We’re planning to put raised garden beds in this sunny former buckwheat patch, so I’ve been transplanting violets all over and they now brighten up many corners of our yard.
Violets are rumored to be one of the favorite flowers of faeries as well, so I planted one in front of the faerie tree. (In the pictures, the glowing glass ball is actually a doorknob that we are going to put on the door to the faerie tree.)


My friends, dowser Curt Hansen and psychic Vonne Jonsson, stopped by Monday with a faerie house for me. Curt and Vonne have started a business called FaeryBlossoms, and these metaphysically talented and knowledgeable friends sell faerie houses that they make themselves. They also offer faerie events, faerie message readings, and tours of places where faeries can be found. To find out more, visit Curt and Vonne’s website:


A Day to Celebrate Moms, Caregivers, and Earth Mothers


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and earth mothers out there, whether your creativity and caregiving skills are offered to children, animal companions, wild critters, bees, trees, flowers.


May Day Crow


Happy May Day, everyone!

Having a small Beltane Magic party tonight and was very happy to see a crow visitor at the birdbath today. I have been fascinated by crows for years ~ I’ve been working on, off and on for a long time, a short story that involves crows and magic. I have long wanted crows to come to my yard so I could learn about their habits in a direct way and not just by reading about them.

Also read a fascinating article earlier this year about a little girl who feeds crows and they bring her gifts. Since I’ve never noticed crows at our birdbath before the past few days, I put a small shiny necklace in the birdbath yesterday to see if they would take it. This morning, I saw one of the crows in the birdbath again and took these pictures. He didn’t take the necklace, but I saw something in the water and went out to take a closer look after he flew away. It was a bone! Not sure if this is a gift or if the crow was going to come back later and finish it. May Day magic? We shall see.


I put fresh water in the birdbath and left some bread for the crows, if the squirrels don’t get to it first.

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